Not impartial

The number of investigations into Russian interference in the US 2016 election campaign is three. One of these seems to be on the brink of collapse. Its chairperson colluded with the White House, so this inquiry seems anything but impartial.

As media reported: Mr. Nunes secretly met with “a source” on White House grounds and was shown “secret American intelligence reports”. Mr. Nunes previously served on Trump’s transition team.

Mr. Nunes’ “source” remains anonymous. Given the preference for fake facts of the current White House occupants – he or she or they may well not exist. The reports are conveniently “secret”. So whatever “reports” Mr. Nunes claims he was shown – may well contain or be fake facts.

A chairperson of what should be an impartial inquiry into hobnobbing between members of the team which landed in the White House and Russia, using that same government’s gardens or building to secretly meet … who? The president? His aids? His friends? Staff members, officials?

It probably wasn’t a lamp post. So unsurprisingly, members of the House are asking for Mr. Nunes to move over. It is not that he is too close to the government. Someone behaving the way he has done, simply ensures there is no whiff of impartiality left for the inquiry Mr. Nunes chairs.

Of course, once the circus started, POTUS resorted to twitter trying to deflect attention away from the latest scandal surrounding his government and party. This time, it was not former President Obama being falsely accused, but the Clintons being dragged in again.

While Democrats demand Mr. Nunes is replaced, Mr. Ryan refrains from taking action. Apparently, he is still busy re-wrapping his “big ideas for America”.

One wonders: what has this US government have to hide? Did collusion with Russia only happened during the election campaign? Is Russia financially assisting not just France’s Marine Le Pen and her Front National?

Meanwhile, in between twittering, POTUS ensured Obama regulations on federal control of land, education and labour were annihilated. Is that the way to making America great again?

Washington Post: Nunes admits
Washington Post: Trump pressures House Committee to inquire into Clintons
NY Times: Nunes asked to recuse himself from Russia inquiry


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