His wall, his broken promises, his son-in-law, his immunity, his inner circle

What Trump is best at? Apart from blaming all and sundry but himself for all his messing-ups – it must be his broken election promises. Medical research, infrastructure, community grants, the environment and a lot more are going to fund his pretty Mexican wall.

Wasn’t he elected on the promise to have Mexico pay?

Now Trump’s proposed budget shows domestic cuts of up to $18 billion will partly fund his grand wall. Apart from reducing spending on medical research, the environment, infrastructure, other areas affected include community service opportunities for senior citizens, heating subsidies for the poor, transit grants and other posts.

If the proposed cuts are accepted, they are supposed to come into effect immediately. However, there is some good news. The experts think: “…proposals have little chance of being enacted.” It is to be hoped for the environment, senior citizens, the poor.

Meanwhile, Trump has not been sitting pretty,  telling the world everything is “going terrific”. His son-in-law and close senior advisor, apart from volunteering to come clean about several more contacts with Russians than previously admitted, will become “de facto president”, whenever Trump goes off to play golf. Which is pretty often.

As The Independent’s Matthew Norman explains: “Trump has appointed a relative by marriage to the constitutional post of ‘Alternate de facto President while I tweet crazy stuff and fine-tune my sand wedge game at Mar-a-Lago on weekends’” Nice to know it’s not just certain banks being shared in this family.

Another thing is going “terrific”. His “Apprentice Defamation Case” is picking up speed. Remember: he has been accused of sexual harassment by at least ten women.

When Trump was elected, one of my Italian friends wondered aloud, how long it would take for the American version of Berlusconi to end up embroiled in “bunga bunga” parties. She pointed out similarities between the men. She mentioned Berlusconi had claimed immunity.

So Ms Zervos claims Trump “… defamed her when he denied her allegations during the presidential campaign, calling her and other women who made similar claims “liars.” He also called her a “phony” and labeled her allegation a “hoax.” Zervos, who appeared on the television show in 2006, alleges that Trump groped and aggressively kissed her against her will during a 2007 encounter at a Los Angeles hotel, after Zervos sought a job with the Trump Organization. Trump has denied Zervos’s allegations and said her story was a “total fabrication.

It’s all fabrications and lies, but nevertheless: “Defendant Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, intends to file a motion to dismiss this action on the ground, among others, that the United States Constitution, including the Supremacy Clause contained therein, immunizes the President from being sued in state court while in office …

But it gets tricky, for one of the “… lawyers who successfully argued Clinton was not immune from such lawsuits was George T. Conway III, the husband to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway. Trump has nominated George Conway to lead the Justice Department’s civil division.”

Ah well; at least George T. Conway III is no family member, just some Trump nominee. And Conway III’s wife together with Stephen Bannon kindly took over the running of Mr. Trump’s election campaign, when a certain Mr. Manafort resigned. She’s also that aide or counselor who adores alternative facts and fake news.

So – what’s next? Ah – the Russia files and odd meetings in the White House grounds? No worry!

Trump has not colluded with Russians. It’s all a hoax. Maybe just a few of his inner circle and close friends have, but not Mr. T. As for his de facto president – as stated above: after at first not revealing all, he now intends to come kind of clean soon, about his meetings with Russians.

Independent: White House proposes $18 billion in domestic cuts
Independent Matthew Norman: Jared Kushner de facto president
Washington Post: Trump claims immunity


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