Trump’s eyes and ears?

So she is now officially his unpaid eyes and ears! Her job is undefined, but she’s already been way too present. One has to admit: a real chunk of the tree, for just like daddy, she is breaking promises – after proving not to be that successful in business either, despite presidential aides and counselors publicly promoting her goodies on television prime time.

Her husband is the president’s close advisor. His job description is very roaming too. Like her, JK is cleared. So both can sit looking over the president’s shoulders left and right, whenever and wherever necessary. Some pair of “president’s eyes and ears”.

Nice state of affairs: the president’s family members will spy on his staff, government members, administration, politicians, foreign politicians and leaders – anybody and everything, wherever the kids turn up.

Worse: Jared Kushner is de facto president whenever daddy-in-law goes golfing. So here are the president’s daughter and son-in-law, not just being “eyes and ears” but Mrs. and Mr. De Facto President.

Mrs. De Facto President and personal advisor to the president and daughter of the president happens to have business interests in Japan? Sure – as “just being” the daughter of the president she sat in on meetings between daddy and Mr Abe from Japan.

Any other countries she does business with? Any other world leaders she got chummy with? Before she accepted being promoted to an official “non-paying” role?

What about the Kushner-Trump’s other business interests? The Kushner family happens to bank at the same bank as the Trump’s. Kushner seems to have bailed out daddy-in-law at least ones. The bank claims there is no trace of the various accounts being linked to Russia. Yes – it is the bank which was rapped over its fingers for laundering Russian money.

Has any journalist bothered to trace how the money flows in this empire? What the various links are between all the Kushner and Trump members, their accounts, their business interests? Any other family members sitting on their paperwork and tax info from 2005 till today?

What about those two dudes now running the Trump business – in name. What about daddy the president, who keeps ensuring his hotel or resort are used by foreign delegations, world leaders – what not.

As daddy’s girl is acting like First Lady, where exactly does the president’s wife hang out? Yes: not anywhere near the White House. This president and his spouse are living apart together – kind of. The set-up ensures the taxpayers are facing a hefty security and travel bill for this presidential family.

With the US now definitely the Trump’s private parking lot and the family keeping up a nominal fake front by stating Trump’s sons are running the business … It all remains a fine example of nepotism. With the country being run by Trump senior, his daughter, her husband – and a small coterie of hangers-on: how can anybody claim things are ethically right.

Many a modern royal family steers clear of such an intertwined web of mutually beneficial links. But then: America is no longer a modern state. It has been changed into a nightmarish Disneyland. On the news that Trump scrapped various environmental bills, European papers announced the US had been kicked back into the dark middle ages.

The Trump family and their administration start to resemble a court run by the Borgias. They already have their own court jesters: Conway and Spicer. It’ll be “bring on the bodies” soon. Okay, the Borgias were Renaissance rulers.

Is Ivan the Terrible a better choice? After all: there are those unraveling links, evidence of colluding with, likely financial ties, far too chummy relations with Russia?


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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