Now what’s he up to?

No need to spill the beans about one’s Russian and other interests. No need to spill the beans straight away, about all one’s meetings with Russians, mafioso, other dignitaries, whomever wherever. No need to be experienced in anything either.

It only takes being married into the right US family, to ensure one’s  suddenly good enough to represent the US abroad with an extremely “broad portfolio”, while also being in charge of reinventing all and everything back home.

Or to cite someone in the know: Jared Kushner is the “… guy who negotiates rent … his job is to figure out how much it will cost to put a Dunkin’ Donuts on the first floor of an office building.

Of course this is crude – but right. It is totally laughable, ridiculous, sheer idiocy – that some kid which prefers to run MS Windows and MS Office on an Apple laptop to calculate rents per square meter, is suddenly the kind of heavy weight “diplomat” to represent the US abroad.

Unfortunately for the US, this is exactly what the Trump government excels in: ridiculous tactics and weird decisions. That is: apart from sticking to alternate facts, reinventing fake news and similar dubious behaviour.

Plenty wonder. Are Kushner’s visits really about US policies and forging bridges abroad? Or is he just eyeing up suitable building sites for more Trump Towers? Or is he concluding deals for more golf courses? Or is propelling him into the media limelight another gig, to deflect attention from whatever the kid was up to, or his dad-in-law, or dad-in-law’s chums?

People who personally know Kushner have even more doubts. Some point out he’s not that bright. Others stress he’s no match for experienced world leaders. Not that JK is still running around in nappies. It’s just that savvy world leaders may not just be able to change nappies and wipe clean bums. They undoubtedly are also able enough to run stashes of rings around the likes of JK – without him or his more experienced minders noticing.

If this US government took its place on the world politics stage really serious, they simply would not dispatch ilks like Kushner anywhere. Even when the ilk is monitored and supervised by the likes of an over ninety-year-old Kissinger or a bunch of generals and other what-nots.

Outside the country, this present US government already does not exactly come across as heavy weight, serious, trustworthy. The image is more of a group of dilettantes in deep trouble, likely corrupt, serious about nepotism, uncouth, undoubtedly untrustworthy, as well as a total circus and regular laughing-stock.

To send out something like Kushner, enhances the impression. Not that this will greatly trouble such regimes as the ones in charge of say Turkey, Egypt, China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and too many others. For it is now clear that apart from the environment and ethics, Human Rights are not on this US government’s agenda. Predecessors did not have clean slates either, but this government certainly prides itself in doing an awful lot worse.

This US government is under a cloud – to put it mildly. Jared Kushner is far too involved in and part of that very same cloud. Just like his dad-in-law, he is compromised. It may still be difficult to gauge exactly how deep the involvement between Russia and the Trump family members, friends, their Republican supporters run. But warning bells keep going off.

So why is Jared Kushner suddenly abroad? What exactly is this odd de facto president doing there? What is this weird choice of an aide’s brief?

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