On gassing people and bombing hospitals

It was not the first time. With the speed things are getting out of hand, it will certainly not be the last time. Over the past years, chemical weapons were used by Saddam Hussein and now possibly Assad in the same region.

Neither was it the first time a hospital was bombed. In the case of hospital bombing, this is willingly or accidentally done – and was done – by any side during the conflict in Syria, and a lot of other places.

There is no excuse for such actions against humanity. There never was. There never ever should be. Those guilty of such acts, should be dragged in front of courts. But as history has taught us: this hardly ever happens. So the recent use of chemical weapons and the recent bombing of hospitals is the umpteenth black mark against all nations – as there seems to be a lack in willingness to stop such crimes.

All point at whatever government or group is held responsible. But does responsibility stop there? What about the governments willfully providing such weapons, selling weapons, supporting such governments – to suit their individual, very own agendas? Are the companies providing ingredients, parts, shipping them to those willing to pay and buy chemical and other weapons, or those “investing” in teaching how to make chemical and other weapons less responsible, less guilty?

Unfortunately, the recent horrors in Syria made one thing perfectly clear – yet again.
A bomb goes off in a Russian metro carriage?
Trump calls Mr. Putin practically straight away.

People die of nerve gas attacks and in hospitals in Syria?
A disgusting, deafening silence that dragged on for far too long.

Finally, hours later, an official statement – actually blaming the previous president and government. Then, over 24 hours later – finally, the “I’m moved to tears” followed by the use of dead babies, women and men, to ensure the right buttons are pushed to manipulate viewers – not so much into feeling for the Syrian victims, but ensuring the t*rds television broadcast comes across as brilliant.

As journalists the world over have noticed: when images go live on telly, the great US T*rd starts taking action – though usually, he is able to twitter the world silly when it suits him, at lightning speed.

Quite rightly, journalists stated publicly, that “Make America great again” boils down to this kind of behaviour, it is totally disgusting. Worse: the television appearance made Trump’s pathetic but destructive obsession with his predecessor stand out even more.

But then, he was of course totally overwhelmed having to act on the “leaking” and “revealing” and whatever he accused a former member of the Obama government of. Mind: as usual – without any underpinning real facts or any shred of evidence. This USP and his government are really making one barf.

The only recent good news was, that Trump found time to “relegate” buddy Bannon to what looked like a less important post. Bannon is needed to ensure Trump or his son-in-law, or any of the other family members, get (re-)elected. In slightly less than four years time, so a fairly distant future.

Now the Dumb Deal and Bad Dude can focus on deflecting attention from his rigged election. After all, there might surface interesting information, which may support the opinion of many other bloggers, that the recent US election was not so much rigged as illegally won.

NYTimes: Stephen Bannon removed


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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