Found his niche?

According to the Washington Post, POTUS 45 has finally found his niche. What it is? Need one ask: fixing problems that do not, or no longer exist.

Meanwhile, it turns out his crony Bannon made a fortune during the past decade or decades, spreading fake news about the Clintons. He created tax-exempt public charities, which then hired him as executive chairman or screenwriter, or in whatever well-paid capacity. This in turn enabled him to create films and documentaries to spread his alternative facts, fake news, fabrications – while making money.

According to the Washington Post: “…Bannon helped arrange donations from wealthy Republicans to the nonprofits that paid him for films and other work, documents show. At the same time, Bannon and his firms took in at least $2 million from the nonprofits and an additional $5 million from the private companies, records show. … Tax specialists told The Post that some of Bannon’s activities raise questions about compliance with Internal Revenue Service restrictions against using tax­-exempt charities to attack a political candidate or for excessive personal financial benefit. …

The Washington Post article contains a lot more and is well worth reading carefully. Should one be surprise by such news, knowing ethics are not exactly top priority with the Trump administration and family? Guess not.

Meanwhile, POTUS 45 has not just found his niche; he found another headache – if the Daily Beast is to be believed. A group of hackers calling themselves the Shadow Brokers have concluded POTUS 45 is underachieving in certain areas.

So they “sent” him a letter stating “... you are abandoning ‘your base’, ‘the movement’, and the peoples who getting you elected.”… you are abandoning ‘your base’, ‘the movement’, and the peoples who getting you elected. …” Which in turn is according to the Daily Beast, a clear sign POTUS 45 got where he is, thanks to Russia, Putin, Putin’s hackers.

Maybe these shadow brokers can publish some evidence for all of this? Or have they taken lessons to hearth after watching the successful but weird, wild, unsubstantiated claims POTUS 45 is famous for?

Ah well, no need to worry or get worked up about anything these days. After all, anything and everything can be blamed on the Obama government.

Washington Post: Trump finds his niche
Washington Post:  which drove a movement and paid him millions
The Daily Beast: Hackers warn Trump to get back in line



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