Election meddling

It was no headline news. Too much is going on elsewhere in the world. Yet it is important enough for any investigation in the subject. The Dutch government was proven right to try to curb election meddling.

Apart from Turkey stirring up trouble days before the Dutch election, another country was also trying to influence election results. Of course, this was Russia. One of the strategies it employed was fake news.

The head of the Dutch secret services (AIVD)  mentions this in a recently published annual report. He points out Russia is extremely active where espionage is concerned. He also mentions the use of fake news.

His service has plenty examples and evidence. In the annual report, he points out, Russia has been using fake news for a long time. Just as espionage, the use of fake news is a means to influence opinions which continues to be used.

Cases in which Russia used fake news to try to influence Dutch voters include the Dutch Ukraine Referendum. Another important example was the downing of MH17 and resulting investigation.

The report states Russia is not the only country to use fake news. China and Iran are also mentioned as using this ploy.

Media in the Netherlands, Belgium and a few other countries discussed the annual report and its content. Meanwhile, French investigating journalists “followed the money”. Since 2014, French and other journalists have published articles and whole dossiers proving Putin’s Russia financially supports France’s extreme-right party, Marine Le Pen’s Front National.

It is to be hoped US media and politicians are not distracted by whatever the Trump administration throws up trying to ensure the Russia investigations fails. Despite the New York Times and Washington Post being awarded journalistic Pulitzer Prizes, it seems most media are currently more focussed on airstrikes in Syria and Putin’s attitude towards the US, then what happened during and after the US election campaign.

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