Hard evidence in Russia investigation

While China is trying to calm down North Korea and the Bad Dude – to prevent a possible nuclear war from breaking out – the Russia investigation has not been bombed into oblivion. Of course, the Bad Dude is not just heading for war with North Korea, but also at war with Syria – and possibly Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the UK Independent headlines “Concrete evidence of collusion”.

According to journalist Charlotte England “New evidence comes as sources reveal British spy agency GCHQ played pivotal role in uncovering interactions between US President and Russian operatives.

Seems things are getting from very awful to terribly bad, at a very fast rate.

Perhaps Bannon is counting himself lucky, after having become “just another White House staffer”?

After all: Kushner’s “hands” can’t be exactly clean, while the list of Trump supporters being suspected of colluding with Russia is only getting longer and longer.

Some are already demanding a quick arrest of Trump to prevent him starting WWIII to deflect attention. Other bloggers have started to point out the US election was not just rigged, but its result illegal.

Meanwhile reports state the mother-of-all-bombs killed 36 ISIS fighters, while the US-led coalition managed to kill over 18 friendly soldiers in an air-strike in Syria. Bet the latter item will not be hyped by Trump and his brilliant US military leaders.

The twitter account the Trump administration tried to shut down, ALT🛂 Immigration@ALT_uscis tweeted the mother-of-all-bombs: “cost $15 million each. Air Force has 19 left. ( based on initial order of 20). Meal on wheels? Nahhh cut it.”

If the UK Guardian is right, innocent civilian may have been among the casualties of the mother-of-all-bombs. For “… tunnels and bunkers in Achin district in Nangarhar province, built by fighters loyal to Islamic State who also kept prisoners there. … Some observers, however, questioned the necessity of deploying a weapon of that scale against a group whose estimated 600 to 800 fighters pose only a limited threat to the Afghan state.

Mind the 36 killed – plus unknown numbers of prisoners – versus the 600 to 800 fighters. It is to be hoped CNN, the BBC and other media will highlight these so-called successful military results. Trump certainly has no need for advisors and tacticians and has awesomely brilliant military leaders.

Moreover: as mentioned in the previous post, there is no chance that civilians blown to bits and pieces will drag Trump in front of the International Criminal Court, for war crimes.

UK Independent
UK Guardian


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