No strategies, just the mother-of-all-bombs

Dumb Deal does not need any advisors nor strategists. He told the world: he’s smart enough to be his own strategist – short, middle, long-term and whether flip-flopping, totally turning around, spinning faster than a weather-vane in a tornado. Diplomacy is not his thing – in case you missed it.

He bragged on TV he commands these wonderful, brilliant military leaders. At least, that’s what he said what was yesterday evening for me. Could be a totally different take or tweet now, in 30 seconds, half an hour – whatever, whenever.

This self-acclaimed hugely successful BuBo (business boss) was in shock over dead babies some days ago – while media pointed out babies have died in that particular corner of the world for all of his less-than-100-days-in-office. So the BuBo had his wonderful, successful, brilliant military leaders drop a few dozen cruise missiles on an airfield in Syria.

Of course, he told us this was a whammy whopper success – though  in fact, the field was in use again in slightly over 48 hours – after those cruise missiles “all hit the target”.

Nevertheless, BuBo the Bomber had a notion this bombing made him look less inadequate, less of a total zero, complete idiot. So what happens next, during the US’ slide towards ending up in front of some International Tribunal, or International Court facing charges of war crimes?

BuBo the Bomber lands the US biggest mega-bomb – bar any of its nuclear ones –  in a third-world country, where whole generations have grown up not knowing what peace is, while large stretches of their country are nothing but rubble. After various of their own warring groups, the Russians, the West and US, the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS, Afghanistan’s own army and local bandits have been and remain busy there.

Mind: this bomb was never used before. Previous US Presidents refrained from using it. It needs to be flown in low and slow. This makes any plane carrying it an easy target for whatever group or country is dubbed “enemy”. Basically, it means this bomb can only be dropped on places where it will not only be “effective”, but where nobody hangs around able to take out low and slow flying US military planes. Let’s face it: how many such places are there in this world?

Now the spin is, that the part where this mega-bomb was dropped was like a cheese riddled with holes, where “mucho bad hombres” hid in. Terrain, where bomb-dropping drones were ineffective, cruise missiles could not hit targets, brilliant soldiers using the best modern military equipment and their commanders who must be even more brilliant – could not gain nor remain in control. Be they US or Afghan.

The spin also points out the “fact” this bomb was the only suitable solution. It is or was totally unsuitable to be used elsewhere, because of “proportional, collateral damage”. That being the phrase the military use to imply ordinary folks, ordinary animals, ordinary vehicles, ordinary houses, shops, villages, towns and areas, which by sheer accident happen to be in the spot this bomb is dropped in.

Apparently, there were no civvies living anywhere near the place the “mother-of-all-bombs” was dropped in. There were no civvies hiding in the tunnel-riddled ground of Afghanistan. With this kind of bomb and cheese-ground, the proportional collateral damage …. would be blown to bits too. Not much of a chance that particles drag a country in front of some tribunal or court for war crimes – is there?

Being a brilliant strategist and being surrounded by brilliant US military leaders, the Bad Dude won’t be thinking ahead about ever being dragged in front of any court. After all, his own folks could have had him impeached several times already – but they have not.

Meanwhile, the Dumb Deal is mighty popular with his army. He praises them to the sky – at the moment. He increased their budget – at the cost of civilian poor and needy, the environment and other good causes. He even has a finger in the pie of ensuring they’ve got homes.

Huh? Yeah, this POTUS has many business interests and these include building houses for soldiers and military veterans. So the US army is one of his markets. So this POTUS is keeping his market satisfied – perhaps even increasing his slice of it.

There are some things niggling at the back of one’s mind. Is this Bad Dude going to continue dropping bombs in his “my ***** is bigger than yours” approach to problems? Is he not just into housing veterans and soldiers, but perhaps also having a finger in the pie called arms industry?

Whatever – one now wonders when the retributions on the very own soil of the US will start. That is the European and Russian reality. It is undoubtedly going to be the US’ future prospect, after the US military and POTUS 45 dropped this bomb in Afghanistan.

Newsweek 2016 article going into Trump business conflicts


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