Gone west, gone south, gone where?

Carl Vinson and Dumb Deal were caught out. One part of the armada gone to fool around with Aussie cousins near the beaches of other distant cousins of mine. The other one … busy figuring out North nor South Korea were part of China.

Oh dear! You don’t think he belongs to that section of the world population, which still think earth is flat? For the rest of his info, he sticks to Fox to get enlightened.

Whatever, no admiral will post on the Face for a while. It makes it too easy for the rest of us, to see where Carl Vinson and all the other toys for boys are located, heading for, docking soon.

Penny claims the US has an overwhelming presence on earth, in the air, in the sea. Without telling the ordinary US taxpayer all the armadas traveling around the globe cost the earth. No money for meals on wheels, but plenty dough to send fleets to fool around near Australia, before ordering to head to Korea, Japan, wherever.

Mind, the armadas and overwhelming presence at sea, in the air, on land are claims. For all we know, the overwhelming presence in the air may actually be just that. The air armadas may be parked as write-offs in some US desert. As for those gigantic subs – did anybody check if the Spice-girl, Penny, the Bad Dude were talking about their latest Sub’s sandwich order?
Pretty reassuring the Trump government has no clue where who and what are, are going, hang out. Provided you’re called Kim. Though undoubtedly insulting, it’s also reassuring to know POTUS 45 thinks your country is just part of northern or southern China. Might result in a blue-on-blue, if more cruise missiles are fired or some mother-of-all-bombs are dropped.

Mr Kim doesn’t strike one like he’s unable to navigate when Google Earth is down. Unfortunately, the current US administration gives the impression to be able to get lost even while using Google Earth to get round the block.

Dumb Deal should create a new super advisory role – not to be filled with yet another family member – to help him on a daily basis. Someone using baby-talk, explaining where earth is, where the US is, where other countries are; how to hold, read, use maps.

Right now, the impression of him and his administration is, they should steer clear of Stratego, Chess, Go and other games for grown-ups. “Don’t wake Daddy”,  “Pie Face”,  “Pop the Pig”, “Barrel of Monkeys” may even be too taxing. Let alone being trusted with certain code lists and keys.

Perhaps POTUS 45 should not be just asked about tax forms of the last thirty decades, but also about all his school certificates and diplomas? After all, for years he claimed somebody else ‘s birth certificate was fake.

UK Telegraph: Donald Trump shocking ignorance
New York Times: Trump Armada
Washington Post: Trump admin defends ship movements


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