What island? What contract?

One of them hasn’t got a clue where his armada was, or is heading to. The other one implied a whole state is an island, out of touch with what’s legal or not – illustrating how corrupt he is. The two share a trait: they don’t apologize.

With the help of Facebook, Google Earth, the world – POTUS now has some inkling where part of his mega, enormous, huge fleet was. It was drifting away from the area he’d promised it was heading for.

Not bad, considering a previous armada came to grieve, while first coping with the English Channel, next Scotland’s rocks, followed by Ireland’s outcrops. What was left finally made it back home, to Spain.

Spice is still trying to determine when, where, how much the US folks have been misled. While he’s still out on this one, POTUS is happy.

In some future, likely very distant if at all, his mega, enormous, huge armada is going to show up – somewhere. Nobody is now able to pin him down for it to appear at some day in some year,  south or north of a Korean shore.

Problem solved, POTUS concentrated and did one his enormous, huge, mega flip-flops he’s now world-famous for.

Well before POTUS landed his current job, election rigged or rigged, he told voters he’d accomplish huge, enormous, mega things … within his first hundred days in office? He did not just promise, he made a contract listing all he would achieve in his first 100 days in office.

Dumb Deal is now squatting in the White House for nearly that period – minus all the weekends he’s off playing golf.

So before going off for his next golf weekend, he did this flip-flop. As with all his promises and treaties and deals: Trump wriggled out of his contract of things he’d accomplish in his first 100 days in office. Of course someone needs to be blamed for his mess: … the Press!

One of his previous antics, well before he ended up representing the Republican Party, was to take Deutsche Bank to the cleaners. Now he’s POTUS, he’s changed size. He’s taking all Americans to the cleaners. Why his popularity has not tanked below 10% remains a mystery.

As for his chum Sessions: Hawaii folks needed to point out Hawaii is a state consisting of many islands. It is a law-abiding state which sets an example. It respects and upholds legal procedures, rights, obligations.

Many a member of Congress, the current administration, specifically Mr Sessions and the Trump family, could learn from it. Unfortunately, Sessions saw fit to treat the USA’s 50th state, its people, one of its judges, as if they were all stupid, third-rate citizens, out of touch with reality.

It certainly showed Sessions is a worthy member of the current US administration. Fortunately, his comments drew loads of criticism. Yet Sessions refused to apologize or even rephrase – despite having “a grand-daughter born there“.

This inability to apologize or say sorry is seen by the current US administration as a strength. It fact it is a glaring weakness.

Perhaps Hawaii should reconsider. Why not cut ties, cut lose, reclaim independence? Does it really need to be part of Trump’s kind of America?

Meanwhile, POTUS continues to equate executive orders with accomplishments. He forgets that rolling back laws is easier, than brokering agreements, getting these signed, ensuring people uphold them. The longer in office, the clearer his and his administration’s corruption, ineptitude, stupidity and worse become.

CNN and other media pointed out last week: Obama accomplished more in his first fifty days, than Trump in his first hundred. Worse: what Trump and his administration have accomplished so far, actually harms Americans, the environment, the world.

YouTube: Saturday Night Life – the first 100 days


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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