Terminating treatises

It is becoming rather trying to keep track of the many changes, twists and turns, as well as flip-flops the complete Trump government is able to do. In its first hundred days in office, the only thing it accomplishes without hiccups is upsetting the apple-cart, time and again, at home and abroad.

Due to yet another decline in support among Republicans, it has shelved tampering with the ACA – yet again. Mind, after even the UN told the Trump government that repealing Obama-care would be a violation of international law. The UN daring to remind the Trump administration of its obligations to the US population caused a spat of nastiness among Trump supporters. Calling themselves “chicks on the right”, “red state” and similar names, they croaked the United Nations are “nosy busybodies” and “insane”.

While this minority of US citizens remains one hundred percent in support of Trump and his personal swamp of cronies, a more level-headed world had other issues to worry about: North Korea.

As he’s wont to do, POTUS-45 had kicked the hornet’s nest without having any tactics in place, nor a plan B or even C, or damage-limitation. He did accomplish one thing: misplacing his great, huge, enormous armada. Bits and pieces of it are now finally in the vicinity of the area where they were supposed to be – weeks ago.

Meanwhile, POTUS-45’s new buddy called China – when asked – claimed it’s doing all it can to control its buddy-of-long-standing North Korea. The problem for POTUS-45, China, the rest of the world: it’s not showing. North Korea continuous testing and threatening. Its threats seem a lot more realistic than POTUS45’s.

POTUS-45 not only slams down phones when calmly told some truths. He first told a set of neighbours they are muchos bad hombres so he’ll recreate the Berlin Wall on his south border, while ensuring they’ll fund his construction site. Then he told another set of neighbours NAFTA was a horrible deal, leaving the US a total waste-land and facing complete annihilation. So after going on the enchilada war-path, POTUS-45 also went on the war-path over lumber and cheese with Canada.

Undaunted, POTUS-45 also threatened North Korea with his misplaced huge, enormous, immense armada. Less than a fortnight later, he does an about-face and hints at being willing to chat up North Korea.

Meanwhile, he told the world the treatise with US ally South Korea is a bad deal. It left the US a total waste-land and completely annihilated – you get the idea.

In fact, Trump calls the trade agreement with South Korea “a Hillary Clinton disaster.” He must be running out of people to blame.

As with NATO, as with Mexico, as with whatever pops up in his mind: South Korea will have to pay for its ally being allowed to place missiles in the country. This while South Korea is already paying the US for allowing the US Army to use this country as one of its playgrounds.

Being as usual, awfully well-informed, POTUS-45 claims termination of KORUS – the trade agreement’s name – is easier than terminating NAFTA. According to the Washington Post: “With NAFTA, we terminate tomorrow; if we did, it ends in six months. With the ­Korean deal, we terminate and it’s over. ….” On asked, South Korea responded it has no intention to renegotiate.

The result left by all this blustering, bragging, bullying and bad manners, may well be that the US no longer is considered an interesting business partner, trustworthy ally, true world leader.

People are stating on the internet they’re no longer buying US goods. It may take a few more blunders and US allies may start turning their backs on the US to do deals and sign treatises with each other – leaving the US to fend for itself.

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