No money for the wall: it’s needed for the family

Congress decided it’s more important to ensure the US federal government remains open to serve the American people, for a few months. Unfortunately – or very fortunately indeed – it ensured no money will be made available for Trump’s Great Wall Project. Instead, border security will get $1.5bn spending money.

So it looks like a temporary win for the American people, which after all a US government should serve. Even in the case of the present administration, which seems so bend on not serving all Americans.

According to the UK Guardian, Congress and Senate now only need to approve the negotiated deal – before Friday. Then POTUS 45 needs to sign and only then, is a federal government shut down prevented.

While everybody seemed to be relieved a deal had been negotiated, some took time to read it. The New York Times went over the details and took a look at the list of worthy causes Congress wants to allocate money to.

Trump may not get the funding for his Great Wall Project – yet. Congress will allocate “ … more than $120 million in additional money to help cover the escalating costs of protecting the Trump family … The additional funding, … reflects the tremendous costs associated with protecting the lifestyle of Mr. Trump and his family. …

In other words: the US tax payer may not be billed for a daft building project, likely carried out by some close cronies of the Dumb Deal, right now. The US tax payer will fund a heftier than normal bill to ensure the Trump family’s lifestyle remains a secure one.

While plenty went ape when the gorilla in the White House made known whom he admires most in the world and wants to invite to tea, including one smart cookie, others discussed his latest spin on affordable healthcare for all.

The Washington Post quite rightly summed things up regarding the president and his party’s policy: “…pass a bill they can say repeals Obamacare — even if it has no hope of survival in the Senate — to shield their members in next year’s elections. …” It’s not about what serves all Americans best.

A few others took a really good look and discovered a few nasty truths glossed over by the usual Trump bluster and spin. Thus Catherine Rampell explains Trump’s crafty ploy which will ensure the poor will suffer. lt is clear a Trump health care bill ensuring affordable care for all, remains a figment, a fantasy, a mirage.

As more money is needed to ensure the security of one corrupt super-rich family which is over its ears into nepotism and self-enrichment, something has got to give. It may be a building project, it may be Human Rights, it may be the environment, it may be affordable care for the poor.

Guardian: Congress agrees $1 trillion budget
New York Times: Congress allocates $120 million for Trump
Washington Post, Catherine Rampell: Trump’s nifty plan





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