Whom not to invite, what not to say

Trump admits admiring smart murderous cookies? He even invites one to come and have tea with him at the White House? The murdering totalitarian cookie stated, his diary’s overflowing with invitations. He can’t fit in tea at the White House pretty soon.

The other smart cookie remains too busy playing chemist and doing some nuclear tests. He’s probably contemplating what poison might work best over a chat. The one recently used at some airport, or something stronger but even less traceable to any front door?

Meanwhile, a dinner took place elsewhere. Guest of honour was the European Commision’s President, Mr. Juncker. Hostess was the woman called by some Mayhem and by a great many more the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. For as long as that kingdom remains united.

Regardless of what was served: mayhem was the result. “I’m leaving Downing Street ten times more sceptical …” will undoubtedly go down history well-preserved. Even if the last words on the dinner party, leaked or not, have not yet been heard nor aired.

On the election campaign trail, Theresa May dismissed the disastrous dinner as mere Brussels’ gossip. European leaders and media on the other hand, served up the Tory government and its PM as “living in a parallel reality“, or even “another galaxy” – with relish.

To add flavour to the carve-up, the UK’s Home Secretary admitted in a live interview today, the Europeans – Juncker, Merkel, the German FAZ – probably dished out the real, non-fake recipe for disaster.

The EU wants Britain to pay its debts, before any negotiations can start on trade deals. The Canadian-European Union trade deal – CETA – runs over 1500 pages and took nearly a decade to agree.

But May claims the EU can not force Britain to pay its £50bn debt to the EU. Worse: she continues to dismiss all warnings about the time it takes to negotiate on practically anything and everything to make the Brexit a success; from EU citizens rights, British expats’ rights, access to data collected by Europol, access to the European market, and more.

EU leaders continue to point out things are far more complex. Juncker, Merkel and Tusk do not stand alone. There are UK politicians, business leaders, lawyers and diplomats who also continue to warn about a too rose-tinted Brexit view.

Unfortunately, fairy tales and myths are difficult to dispel, especially during election campaigns.

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