Modus Operandi

General de Gaulle, the resistance fighters, everybody who laid down their lives to ensure a free France, will be spinning in their graves. As with the US election, Russia is meddling with the French one. Vote for Marine le Pen and one votes in favor of France becoming a Russian puppet state.

For years, French investigating journalists have written articles and dug up evidence proving Marine le Pen, papa le Pen, their Front National Party receive financial backup from Russia.

Apparently, it was easier to trace the financial ties between the French presidential candidate and Putin’s Russia, than doing the same in the case of Trump, his close family members and Russia, and Kazakhstan. Could it be the missing tax forms? Could it be links are less obvious? Could it be, because the links date back decades?

Yet there are similarities in the Russian modus operandi. The New York Times already noticed in 2016. Certain European media are currently publishing or broadcasting about the Trump-Russia-Kazakhstan ties – showing evidence.

How one of the two remaining French presidential candidates has made it so far into the race beggars belief. Even the New York Times published an article stating exact sums of money the Kremlin paid to Marine le Pen’s Front National.

Of course, Ms le Pen is involved in several running investigation. As mentioned earlier, one case involves tax dodging by papa and daughter le Pen. A second case involves creative financial deeds by their FN-party. A third involves Ms le Pen’s creative financial allocations of EU funds. For contrary to what some US media claim, Ms le Pen has extensive political experience and is member of the European Parliament.

Last week, yet another legal investigation was launched into Ms le Pen’s behaviour. During the last election debate on French television, Ms le Pen claimed her political rival Mr Emmanuel Macron owned offshore accounts. Unlike many an US politician or public person on the receiving end of Trump’s wild allegations, Mr Macron did react and filed a complaint. A French prosecutor started a legal investigation, but the result will not be known till after the French election results.

Another investigation yielded a better result. Remember the famous speech delivered by Mrs Trump, now the US First Lady? Clever people noticed it was based on a speech by then US First Lady Michelle Obama. A few days ago, clever people noticed Marine le Pen pulled a similar stunt copying a speech by one of the election candidates who by then was out of the race.

Apparently, Russian or Kazakhstan financial support in elections involves appropriating other people’s speeches.

Then there are the hacks. Hillary Clinton’s or her assistant’s laptops, pc’s, servers were hacked? Hillary Clinton and her campaign were targeted by Russian hackers? A biased Wikileaks was handed the documents? The CIA and other intelligence agencies concluded the Kremlin instigated actions to ensure Clinton would not win the US elections?

Trump, with his Russian, Kazakhstan and other unsavory ties was left alone. FBI director Comey meddled in affairs, despite a mild bout of nausea – and certainly influenced the US election result.

Clinton recently pointed out Putin was and remains no fan of her. What about Emmanuel Macron? Macron is a fan of the European Union and no fan of Putin. So whose laptops, pc’s, servers were recently attacked and hacked?

Of course, Marine le Pen with her financial ties to Russia and possibly other unsavory ties, is left alone. As remains the case with Trump: her fans are not interested in her being one of Putin’s puppet.

With more elections taking place this year in the so-called free West, it will be interesting to see if the Kremlin and associated countries’ modus operandi remain the same. So far, this year there was Russian meddling in the Dutch election, after the French, it is likely Russian meddling will occur in the British election. Then there will be the German one.

Guardian: Trump-Russia investigation
BBC: Who is funding Marine le Pen
Reuters: French candidate Macron claims massive hack, emails leaked


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