The lies they tell

Imagine a France with Marine le Pen as President, though probably soon prosecuted. Imagine France as the umpteenth Russian colony after quitting the EU. What a relief enough French decided to vote in favour of Macron.

While his fans were celebrating, le Pen’s were quiet – bar one. Of course, Trump tweeted. He, or whoever got hold of his phone and twitter account, managed a congrats. With part of Trump’s fans involved in the hack of Macron’s mails and what-not … With the Macron hackers “… linked to Russian-affiliated group behind US attack” … With Trump a fan and supporter of Marine le Pen, the tweet was remarkably restrained.

Not that POTUS 45 is off being outrageous. POTUS 45’s next step towards a bad behaviour record is already taking place. Trump and his friends are back to spreading outright lies, tweeting fake news, spinning alternative facts.

This time, the victim will not be former US President Obama, or former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This time, the victim of the smear campaign – which has already started, is going to be former deputy attorney general Sally Yates. As the UK Independent puts it in its headline: “Former deputy attorney general will reportedly be branded a ‘Democratic operative’ intent on undermining the president’s administration”.

The former deputy attorney general has some real news, facts and truths, as well as hard evidence to share while testifying. All her evidence, news, truths, facts will not make Trump, his cronies, his administration look good.

So the smear campaign started and has two aims. It aims at discrediting Sally Yates. The other lies which are and will be told are aimed at “… Distancing the President from his former National Security Advisor Lt Gen Michael Flynn and depicting him as solely to blame for the scandal.

That Trump needs a long, great, enormous distance between him and some of his team as well as from Putin’s Russia, becomes increasingly necessary. European media already published about a 2014 interview. Only last week, it was mentioned in a series on Trump’s Russia, Kazakhstan, and other dodgy connections.

In the interview, Eric Trump proved to be a chip off the old block. For son Trump bragged. He disclosed the Trump family: “… don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.all the funding we need out of Russia. …”. At the time, there was no reason to tell lies.

Things have changed. So now smear campaigns to discredit witnesses, spreading alternative facts and fake news are needed to cover up a great many real truths about POTUS 45. So Trump remains sitting on his tax returns, while his administration will continue to tell lies.

Guardian, Alex Hern: Macron hackers linked to Russia
Independent, Harriet Agerholm: Trump planning smear campaign against Sally Yates
Independent, Rachael Revesz: Eric Trump “we have all the funding we need”




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