How to increase your pocket-money

No kids, this is not for you. No youngsters, stick to your paper-round or whatever small job you have to earn some pocket-money in an honest way. Actually, this way of increasing pocket-money is impossible for those not belonging to the inner circle of the Trump family.

We ordinary folks have no chance nor business asking others to cough up money for visas, green cards, the right to live in Trump’s America. That America which Trump intends to make great again.

We decent folks who don’t belong to the millionaires or billionaires clubs and are no so-called business movers and shakers, are unable to line our apparently depleted pockets – by selling green cards to folks rich enough to afford buying these off us.

We nice folks, plenty of whom have personal experience with people from different religions, different corners of the world … We who have some inkling or actually know what it means to be a migrant or even refugee … We who like Sally Yates and others and unlike some guys like senator Cruz, are aware there is something like a Constitution and have some idea of what constitutional is, what truth is, what is legal, what is right …

We can only read with horror how the Trump and Kushner families enrich themselves. We can only read wide-eyed, how “… Congress allows real estate developers to use the American immigration system …

What about the people who really need to flee their countries, leaving everything behind? Who own only the possessions they can carry, who have no money? What about people who are persecuted, whose lives are really threatened? All those who really, truly NEED visas, green cards, safety, protection?

Sorry folks: you don’t have any money – so you’re not welcome in Trump’s America.

If this is how Trump’s (or should it be the Kushner’s, the Meyer’s, the Trump’s and related families’) America works, why not be as blunt and uncouth like this America’s POTUS and say it out loud and clear to the world: sorry folks, if you can’t line our pockets – just f**k up and rot in Hell!

The New York Times editorial: The Kushners and their Golden Visas


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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