Sour grapes? Just one person?

Spinning Spicer claimed former President Obama’s warning to Potus 45 was “interpreted” as sour grapes from the losing side. Well – what to expect from Trump’s admin, Potus 45, spinning Spicer who all are still passing off the lie, fake news, alternative fact, that former President Obama drilled holes in Trump’s tower.

Yesterday, it became clear Trump, his circle, his admin were warned not just by the former president. While Senator Cruz and one or two other flimsies spent their seven minutes or seven plus four minutes going into the validity of the US Constitution and travel bans, others were truly interested and concerned about when and how Trump was informed about the security risk Flynn posed.

Apparently, all the warnings and advice and investigations and facts and intelligence provided from inside and outside the US were dubbed sour grapes from losers.

The dismissive “sour grapes” excuse is the flimsiest of excuses. The Trump administration should be held fully accountable for the messes it gets itself into. After all: it refused to act on Flynn despite all the evidence, until the alarm was finally raised by the media. Yet it was able to fire Ms Yates within a few days of her first raising concerns about Flynn and telling the current US admin its travel ban version 1.0 was seriously flawed.

A fair share of Republican politicians and members of the Trump admin are now trying to shift the problems regarding Flynn’s security clearance on the previous admin, or any other convenient scapegoat.

While all this takes place, it should not be forgotten that Flynn was not the only member of Trump’s past and current team, who had or continues to have ties to Russia. The whole Trump administration reeks of Russia.

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