Another “You’re fired!”

This time, the breakfast remained on the table. No mishaps to clean or mop up – on or around the table.

We were kind of frozen in time, watching the news wide-eyed, open-mouthed. The news the orange mud-cake in the White House had suddenly fired Mr. Comey.

He had suddenly fired FBI director Comey over something which happened months ago, but recently hit the headlines again when Comey testified. The huge, enormous, mega haul of mails that were sent to someone’s laptop to be printed – the haul not being as super-sized as claimed – and the hack and the handling and how it all influenced the US 2016 election.

The first reaction after a slurp of coffee or tea?

Okay, we all knew that Trump and his cronies can act fast.

Look at the speed with which they got rid of Sally Yates – when she dared point out their travel ban 1.0 was unconstitutional.
Bet she hardly had time to clean out her desk.

So this already makes it odd, it took the orange non-organic mud-cake nearly three weeks to fire his obvious security-risk buddy Flynn. Only to moan for ages in yucky tweets, his highly compromised buddy Flynn was such a nice, decent, good guy. Despite lots of warnings, not all of these coming from Sally Yates.

Now this orange sour-grapes mud-cake proofs yet again, he can act fast and not just furious. Out of the blue, the orange hair-don’t wrote Comey he was terminating Comey’s stint as FBI director.

The second reaction to the news?

The huge, enormous, mega question: so what did the FBI uncover between Comey testifying and him getting kicked out, that caused this “You’re fired!!”?
Is the FBI Russia investigation uncovering uncomfortable truths, is it getting too close to Potus 45?

Third thought? Oh – it was the Dep Attorney General?

For as someone mentioned on CNN: okay, so Comey told Trump that Trump was not under investigation – three times. This does not mean, this investigation is not turning up facts which alter its scope.

Whatever happens next, it was a relief to hear from various corners the investigation into how Trump landed his White House job will not end with the removal of Mr. Comey. It is a true relief that the recent events only strengthen the call for an independent investigation.

For one thing is now dead-certain: the Trump administration has things to hide and was not just colluding with Putin, Russia, whoever, whatever. It is trying to stop any investigation which might uncover how this compromised, corrupt lot got into the White House.

In fact, a few hours later, the New York Times reported the paper trail released by the White House to support Potus 45’s version of what caused James Comey’s dismissal was put together on Trump’s explicit orders – to Sessions.

Trump suddenly wanted Comey out at all costs and ordered his pawn Sessions to come up with reasons! This clearly illustrates unprecedented meddling by a corrupt, compromised clown of a president with an equally corrupt and compromised administration.

It is high time, the Republicans in Congress and the Senate take responsibility for landing the US with these fakes of a president and administration.
It is high time, an independent investigation into the Russia affair is started.
It is high time, the first steps to an impeachment and removal are taken.

It is perhaps even high time, a new US election is started – for what’s now in office likely landed there illegally.

New York Times: Deputy Attorney General’s memo breaks down case
New York Times: Donald Trump is lying again, now about James Comey



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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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