The only other FBI director to be fired like this: one Sessions

While many people are still coming to term with Mr. James Comey being dismissed by Trump on semi-trumped-up charges and a hastily put-together paper trail … While Trump himself is meeting with a Putin representative … The Washington Post came up with an interesting fact.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump is one of several journalists who analyzed the exit of Mr. James Comey. Where the New York Times uncovered the odd, hastily put together paper trail, the Washington Post uncovered the interesting fact, that FBI directors are hardly ever fired.

In fact, James Comey is only the second FBI director to be fired by an US president.

The first FBI director to be fired by an US president? Now this is getting interesting, for it happened while Bill Clinton was president. Bill Clinton fired the then FBI director William Sessions in 1993 for “… numerous unethical lapses. …

Perhaps the Trump administration should have trumped-up more unethical lapses to underpin the sudden dismissal of James Comey? What they have dished up as excuse for the sudden dismissal, is not believed by the majority of the American people and media, nor internationally.

As for Attorney General Jeff Sessions – he remains highly useful to Trump and his brood. Only when the pressure grew too high, did Jeff Sessions finally recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Trump did not like this.

Not that Trump will fire Sessions – despite Jeff Sessions suffering from memory lapses. Memory lapses which, among other things, ensured Jeff Sessions did not mention that like one Mr. Flynn, Mr. Jeff Sessions was also chummy with Russians.

So there was Jeff Session’s first unethical lapse: he merely – or merrily – lied to Congress.

He got nominated anyway. Now Trump ordered him to ensure FBI director Comey got fired asap. Hey, presto Trump’s hench-man performed as his master snapped his fingers. As is so often the case with the Trump administration, James Comey learned through the media, he was fired – on flimsy excuses.

Plenty demanded Jeff Sessions resignation when it became known he lied under oath to Congress. As can be expected from the compromised Trump and his corrupt administration: it was not to be.

Anyone willing to predict how long it will take for Jeff Sessions to get fired for unethical lapses?

Washington Post, Philip Bump: here’s how unusual it is


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