An abuse of power by a compromised, corrupt government

How else to describe what happened in America, Tuesday? It was and remains a very clear abuse of power by a compromised, corrupt president backed by a compromised and corrupt administration, as well as a colluding and therefore compromised political party. It is not even the first time the world is treated to such an abusive act.

What happened in America is yet another example for allies and people not living in the US, this president, his government, his administration, his cronies and supporters are simply untrustworthy and deeply troubling.

Right across the globe, I collect a critical biography of Trump. The university librarian looks at the book’s cover before handing it to me. “Oh dear – Trump! Well, not a cheerful read, then”, she says. Though he is not our president, it is totally obvious she – and far too many non-Americans – find Trump a highly disturbing and depressing subject.

New York Times’ Peter Wehner is but one of many, pointing out how false and ludicrous the White House’s spin is.
Trump sullies all he touches. Rosenstein is not the only one to fail the ethics test.

James Comey’s “termination” only illustrates Trump was, is, will continue to meddle with and bully into submission whatever, whoever, whenever things or people or laws, constitutions, what not – threaten him, his “wealth”, his business interests.

Comey’s “termination” was related to the deepening, speeding up of, spreading of the Russia investigation. There simply is no denying this to the world and sundry.

Likely, despite apparently having been assured by Comey that he was in the clear (we do not have Comey’s version) – something happened which ensured Trump himself is now implicated, investigated. Why else whine about those three assurances?

Trump, his vice-president, his attorney general, anybody with ties to Trump simply have to go. As Trump sullies all, his vice-president, his advisors – including the Kushners -, cronies like Bannon, financial donors like Mrs DeVos and husband as well as brother, Mrs Conway and husband, Mr Spicer, Mrs Huckabee – the whole rotten show should be gotten rid of – fast.

What many Americans apparently continue not to grasp or continue to deny, is this president’s total lack of morality, decency. Though most by now acknowledge their so-called chosen president lacks intelligence; the normal version and what is dubbed emotional intelligence.

Trump already was the kind of “business man” most people did not want to associate with. Now his government, his administration and likely his country, are added to the list most people do not want to get involved with. The environment and Human Rights are but two items which feature high on agendas the world over – but no longer in the US.

There simply is no other solution to restoring some respect for America, its Republican Party, its Congress, its Senate, but for taking action and remove this president, his “advisors”, his complete administration.

As for restoring respect for American values or what it supposedly represents and stands for … It will take far longer to restore respect for and believe in these. America is deeply tarnished by the Trump government – despite it being in office less than 6 months.

Republicans should realize this. They should get rid of their fake of a president, as well as those Republicans in Congress, Senate, administration, who do as bid by Trump and discredit their party.

Trump’s term in office should be terminated. Nobody should have to wait till January 20, 2021!

NYP, Peter Wehner: Don’t be complicit
NYP, Bret Stephens: The easy tells


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