Can someone please get rid of the hulks?

It’s not my daughter’s birthday. I’m not going to emotionally blackmail you and demand you be nice to me because of my daughter. My daughter is certainly not called Sam, Sarah, Scarlet. Even with Mr Spicer out on the bench, I’m not going to have Hulk Huckabee replace me.

What a ridiculous show the media were treated to yet again. How dare Sarah Huckabee Sanders state James Comey committed atrocities. Atrocities are committed by Syria, ISIS, the Nazis, likely the current US government – but an FBI director?

If you can’t be professional, at least be reasonable, realistic, real. If you have to spin, don’t come on with “atrocities”, when the rest of the world is aware your CEO praised his latest victim to the skies and beyond – before terminating the guy. And not because of emails, but over a spreading Russia investigation which now certainly involves your Potus 45. High time the man, his family, his associates, his donors for kick backs, his cronies, his hanger-ons, the complete disgusting circus of crooks is investigated, indicted, impeached.

If you prostitute yourself for Trump, Mrs Huckabee Sanders, and are willing to become his latest scarlet woman maltreating truth, at least do not insult your public and the world. Do not claim Republicans, Democrats, the FBI rank and file, the world lost complete confidence in James Comey. It was your boss and boss alone – over the Russia investigation, over James Comey being also unable to find any evidence for Trump’s Towers being bugged by the previous president.

Don’t spin us fake news and feed us alternative facts claiming the Russia investigation is of no relevance whatsoever, just negligibly, with nothing there to see. Especially not when your CEO states in his dismissal-letter to Mr Comey, his real grievance and anger and fury: that Russia investigation which is spreading and speeding up.

In case you have not noticed Mrs Huckabee Sanders: it is no longer a minority demanding for Trump to be terminated. It is no longer just a minority in the US wondering when your Republican Party will finally take responsibility and impeach their horror of an orange hulk and get rid of all the other hulks which are part of his government and administration.

Oh – and while we’re at it: can we have Sean Spicer back asap please? He’s more fun and more professional than Huckee Sanders. At least Scarlet Huckabee Sanders would have her mum celebrate her birthday at home. Instead of Scarlet and her birthday being used to try and blackmail the press to be nice.

Being nice was never the media’s job; revealing the truth is.

Washington Post: What Comey’s firing means
Washington Post: Inside Trump’s anger



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