Can someone remove the hulks?

“Here she is uh again … clarifying …”- I’m citing one of CNN’s anchor announcing yet another uh “clarification” by Huckee. The spin being extremely, urgently, totally needed. (Three repeats here, as you notice, so to do things the Trump-way.) Reason for the latest spin: the FBI refuses to tow the White House lies. Sorry: line – uh, lines.

Now that was fun to watch! Couldn’t get enough of it! For dinner, breakfast, lunch! The White House claiming “atrocities” and telling the world it – the world, mind – and complete FBI had lost total confidence in James Comey. That alone was atrociously hilarious.

Only for the FBI acting-director McCabe to contradict Potus 45, his administration, their spin – publicly. (Anybody taking bets how long McCabe will be allowed to remain with the FBI?)

So Potus 45 wheels out his hulk again, to tell the world she has personal experience, mails, calls, buckets full of whatever faked facts – to underpin what everybody else simply knows are outright, outrageous lies by this president, his White House, his administration.

As Trump took roughly eight years to accept Barak Obama’s birth certificate, is still promoting this unfounded and publicly discredited “he bugged me”-lie … We are in for at least a decade of lies about the firing of former FBI-director Comey.

Ana Navarro apparently dubbed Trump the Pinocchio of all presidents. There simply are no words to describe Trump, his government, his antics. Congress and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, should club together to remove this deplorable president and his administration. Yes, not just Trump, but also the Kushners, Sessions, Pence, Cruz, Giuliani, DeVos, the rest. Simply get everybody who is remotely connected to Trump removed from the White House, Senate, Congress.

Including what that same White House dubbed Russian gate-crashers.

How can any administration function, if its CEO can’t cope with getting up-staged? What on earth is the ape going to do, about those richer and even more insecure men whom he thinks upstage him? Drop a MOAB, down twitter with fulminating tweets, nuke the world – just to get rid of them?

Obviously, Pinocchio is spinning in some black hole. His complete admin is spinning in a parallel universe. The rest of us is stuck in real life, on real earth. Anybody for beaming down Pinocchio, his admin?

They claim they don’t even know they let in Russian photographers into the House, the Oval Office? Why show around Russian spy-master in the Oval Office? There are too many Russia fans in the White House, admin, government, already!

No problems there then: they keep the free press out and let Russians in – because Putin specifically requested this. Clear: Putin snaps his fingers, Trump and his admin sit pretty, give paws, wag tails.

Which is why they don’t want the public, the American people, the world to know who visits the White House – with or without permission, accreditation, security clearances.

Remains the fact, that Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks worse than Sean Spicer but lies tremendously better. She expects her own personal brand of hypocrisy and spin to be swallowed by the media and the world. She’s far more nauseating than Sean Spicer.

PS: Any journalist – even from Fox and worse outlets – should be booted out of his or her job, lose press card, accreditation – for accepting dinner invitation by Potus 45 at the White House to goggle at the tinsel.

PPS: Senator Kamala Devi Harris had an interesting point. Does the termination-letter Trump had others write, contain enough legal grounds and points to legitimately fire Comey?

UK Telegraph: annotated – the real meaning
CNN Stephen Collinson: FBI contradicts White House




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