His latest hobbies

Sorry – will write a larger post if (mind: if – not when) I’ve recovered laughing.

Latest twists on Trump’s Comey headache:

  • Trump’s got a new hobby. Like Nixon he’s into taping conversations … According to quite a few tweets and posts appearing on FFB, this may be illegal. Trump revealed his latest hobby, while holding possible taped conversations over James Comey’s head in case Comey dared reveal, testify, disclose what really went on before he was “terminated”.
  • Trump’s also threatening to cancel all press briefings.
    According to his tweets, it’s not – as most expected – because of the media being so darn unkind and uncooperative (like swallowing his lies without comments). It’s because Trump’s surrogates (honestly, his words – guess Spicer and Huck are lucky not to be dubbed clones) …Trump’s surrogates can not speak with “… perfect accuracy ... ” to the rest of the world.
    Proposed solution to the bad grammar, creative sentences, adverb and adjective mauling, four-letter-words, lies, hypocrisy etc?
    Trump surrogates may revert to “speaking” with the media in writing.

Oh good oh! High time! Perfect solution!
Far easier to drag people to court and get them convicted, when they put things in writing!

Potus 45 will, however, continue to golf and tweet – though not necessarily at the same time.


NYTimes, Peter Baker: Trump warned Comey, may cancel press meetings
Washington Post: Trump tapes
Washington Post: Trump threatens


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