At least we now know why Sean Spicer was too busy for press briefings. He was looking for a parking space for his lectern! The only free spot was near CNN, so he was forced to drive on, searching for a more convenient place.

So glad he found one at last and was ensured by Marmalade Mussolini, he’d keep his job and continue delivering press briefings as well. Though, didn’t Marmelade Mussolini bark the same thing to one James Comey, recently?

What a treat to see Spicer back on stage. Though he arrived late and dragged some army recruit moroon along, to divert from serious news to explain about one of Potus 45’s foreign golf trips. Seems Saudi Arabia and other countries on the hit-list have already filed forms for massive humanitarian aid – or the building of Trump Towers –  in case some MOAB hits a bunker.

After the moroon’s diversion, Spicer refused to comment on tapes. Stands to reason: the whole world is speculating about Oval Office tapes and bugs. We’re not even talking about any flees.

Nobody knows the name of the Russian media person who pulled the wool over White House security. Might be nice to hear if that person escaped covered in itchy red patches. Everybody stopped laughing anyway, when the latest twist in the Comey scandal started to buzz.

Think again. Russians posted their mug-shots on the web? They’re nearly wetting themselves laughing, they beat US media to the Oval Office? As one CNN anchor remarked: last time Spicer refused to comment was, when the Obama-bugs-tweet was aired.

Should one Vladimir Putin, should his Foreign Minister, should his Ambassador to the USA get slightly, or very worried?

For if Bad Dude is able to threaten his FBI director with taped conversations from the Oval Office …  Stands to reason

  • Lavrov
  • Kislyak
  • Theresa May
  • Angela Merkel
  • Justin Trudeau
  • Shinzo Abe
  • Benjamin Netanyahu (though as he knows Jared Kushner from toddler onwards, perhaps Netanyahu has less to worry about)
  • and lesser beings who visit(ed) the Oval Office are also on tape.

Such tapes – as illustrated in the Comey scandal – will be used by this US president with his predilection for “tactics” like bullying, blackmailing, threatening – against the person and persons on tape.

What about Dumb Deal’s phone calls to foreign leaders, ministers, secretaries of state, ambassadors? If Bad Dude tapes conversations, if he bugged his Oval Office, it would be odd all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations are not taped.

Those Russian gate-crashers may have happily snapped mug-shots in the Oval Office, then posted these gleefully all over the internet …

Who else is on tape?
Who’s laughing now?
Who’s going ape now?

Oh .. and please don’t forget Spicer’s nice advise for Mother’s Day in his latest press briefing:… And beyond all of the activity here, this is the official reminder to everyone to get your flowers and cards before it’s too late.  …”

New York Times, P. Baker & M.D. Shear: prompts questions on tapes


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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