How stupid can he get?

Woke up to a radio commentator stating she needed regular breaks from Trump-news … But the latest from US media had simply been too awful to skip. While banning the free press and allowing Russia in his Oval Office, Potus 45 had shared classified material with his Russian buddies. Classified information which had not even been shared with close US allies … Treason?

Her voice indicated, this was serious news. Sure enough, slightly later the BBC, national and international media repeated the news in their breakfast shows. CNN added it had been a Washington Post journalist who had broken the shocking and latest appalling stupidity in Marmalade Mussolini’s freak show.

Of course, by then, Dumb’s even dumber advisors (including his family members) had hit damage-control over-drive. Not that it matters what advisors of this government attempt to do. Since last week, the world knows Trump does not trust nor informs his surrogates. Worse: anybody wanting to hold on to their jobs in this government, House, administration, needs to tow the lies.

Fortunately, the New York Post points out that whoever shared the intelligence with the US threatened to cut access to any further data and intelligence the moment the info would be shared too widely. So this should ensure the US is no longer privy to sensitive information or able to compromise sources, whenever Dumb Deal needs to impress, rants on Twitter, has a bad hair-day.

In a follow-up, the Washington Post states ‘… Trump critic and former State Department official Eliot A. Cohen tells … “For anyone else, if accidental it would be a firing offense. If deliberate, it would be treason.” …’ Well – at least it is clear why no free press was allowed into the Oval Office, while Trump received his Russian spy-masters.

But the New York Times article explains Bad Dude has not committed treason. So impeachment or any other action to remove him, remains elusive. Not that getting rid of Trump will improve things, for it is his whole administration and anybody remotely connected with him, who are corrupt, liars, cheats, and far too close to the likes of Kislyak, Lavrov, Putin.

It is hard to belief, but there are folks out there, already coming up with excuses for Trump’s appalling behaviour and sheer stupidity. He is badly prepared. He is still learning. Get real and wise up: he claims to be a successful businessman and CEO? Since when has sharing secrets and this kind of intelligence sharing been part and parcel of the business world? Anyone?

Mr. Clapper is totally right and spot on: the US is under threat not just from Russia, which controls who gets promoted to POTUS. The US is being destroyed from within by this president, his family, his nauseating and corrupt government.

Anyone claiming Trump has no ties to Russia: how stupid can you get?

New York Times M. Rosenberg: Trump revealed highly classified material to Russia
Washington Post J. Rubin: Trump tells secrets to Russia


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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