Six fireflies in a jar? Putin willing to vouch for him

Who’d have thought yesterday morning, things could possibly get worse?  First the news the critter beeped secret stuff to the enemy, likely endangering allies’ lives. So his staff gets into damage-control over-drive trying to put out the raging international media-fires by rolling out the army moroon recruit … Only for Marmalade Mussolini to tweet he did it, he did it, he did it!

As for the excuse burped up by the army recruit … Hello – you think your audience is as stupid as Trump?
The crime remains the same, regardless of whether POTUS 45 was or was not aware how sensitive or secret the data was or is, who supplied or continues to supply it.

One simply does not share secrets with enemy states. One is careful about what one shares with close and distant allies. One does not put lives at risk unnecessarily. One simply does not bumble, blather, waffle, burp, barf.

What’s so hard about this?
Worse: this guy is a CEO, brokering “mega deals”, claims to be a “top negotiator”, to be a success?
So since when do CEOs share secrets and data with their fiercest competitors?

The excuse “steep learning curve” simply does not wash! If this guy is on any learning curve, this twit can never have been a CEO, brokering deals, negotiating contracts, at any success rate.

The White House and Trump administration does not need to hunt for or ferret out leakers. Their biggest leaker is the president himself. He seems to suffer from an unstoppable verbal diarrhea – on and off twitter.

New York Times editorial warns against “… overthinking this man.” It cites David Brooks “… trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar. …

Fireflies don’t beep randomly. There is method in their beeping. Something which absolutely is not the case with whatever Trump does, or does not do. Erratic is far too diplomatic, to describe what goes on at the top of the US these days.

White House officials ordered to “scrub transcripts from the president’s meeting” with his Russian buddies at the Oval Office. News “media withheld the most sensitive details of what this president shared” with his Russian … are they buddies, do they control him?

What exactly is the relationship between this so overly pro-Russia US president and all those Russians milling around him, getting to visit the White House while the free press is blocked out of meetings?

The breaking news item now is, that Putin has tapes of the Oval Office meeting, is willing to share it with the world (bet he is) and willing to vouch for his trooper Trump. We actually may get to hear a tampered-with Putin tape and tampered-with Trump tape. Wow!

And this does not even address the next development. Congress may finally have demanded all tapes and memos and what not – whatever is left of these – with a link to cozy chats between Trump and Comey … If there should remain enough evidence for a case for obstruction of justice: nobody should err on the side of this president.

As the NY Times editorial states: “… president of the US has unlimited access to [all] the nation’s secrets, virtually unfettered authority to act … ” Calling Trump a loose cannon is a kindness. As so many people have pointed out: he is the country’s worst liability, greatest danger, most ominous threat! And not just to the USA, but to the whole world.

Repeating the man is coach-able, control-able, can be coerced (by Vladimir Putin who is obviously willing to do so) is sheer fantasy and totally unrealistic. With so many in his administration and government enmeshed in the Russia scandal – it would be best if they are all sent packing.

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