Donate and a speech is delivered

Donate enough and you’ll land a job in the Trump administration like Ms DeVos. Donate enough and you’ll end up with a US visa, as Chinese millionaires know. Donate enough money and Ivanka Trump – sorry Kushner – can be hired to deliver a speech on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

So after pledging to donate $ 100 million, Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates got Ivanka on stage. There she delivered a speech praising women’s rights in these countries. By the way, while daddy criticized Mrs Obama for not wearing a headscarf while visiting Saudi Arabia, it was of course totally alright for Mrs Trump and Mrs Kushner not to wear headscarves there.

According to the spin, this speech-for-a-fee supposedly kind of compensated the Trump-government’s stance on human rights in this corner of the world. For during the Trump family visit to Saudi Arabia any problems with, any issues with, any controversy about, any concerns about human rights – were of course, totally no part of anyone’s agenda.

Let’s face it, this family already has a problem addressing human rights in the USA – let alone anywhere else

Regardless: the pledged fee will go to the World Bank. Once paid into the right account, it will be part of a fund. The fund is currently sold by a few witless as the brain-child of Ivanka Trump Kushner.

As in practically all Trump-situations: there’s fake facts, there’s reality.

The fund was recently launched as a kind of joint-venture of Angela Merkel and ah, Mrs Kushner. The fund’s objective is to help finance a World Bank global project. The project aims to help female entrepreneurs.

Let’s hope any entrepreneurs which receive financial assistance from this fund will a) really need it; b) be a lot more successful than this hired speaker.

As is occasionally the case with the Trump family: the media were barred from attending the ado and listen to the speech. Just as well: some journalists might have had a problem keeping a straight face. Or a few might actually have started asking critical questions. Others might have wondered aloud about yet another publicity stunt by some Trump family member.

As for the World Bank’s involvement: the Independent states, it invested $2.5 billion over a period of five years to the charity “Let Girls Learn”. This worthy charity was set up by Michelle and Barack Obama. As its name suggests, it’s a global charity focusing on education for girls.

Independent: Ivanka Trump praises Saudi Arabia on women’s rights – after 100 million donation


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