Russia won’t go away

While Trump and family continue to traipse around Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, Belgium – the Russian headache won’t go away. In fact, with continuing revelations,  the Russia investigation or investigations seem only to expand.

Trump’s meddling

The Washington Post now claims “Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against the FBI probe.” Apparently, Trump asked first Daniel Coats and then Michael Rogers…to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election.

To put it differently: the current US president requested two senior intelligence officials to lie for him and issue false statements.

According to journalists of the Post who interviewed several officials, things did not stop there. White House officials also approached senior intelligence officials to obtain “an intervention” with Comey and the FBI investigation.

According to the journalists, a former general counsel at the CIA called Trump’s actions “an appalling abuse of power“, closely resembling Nixon’s Watergate interference.

Yet, Trump seems no closer to getting impeached. Instead, he and his family, inner circle, staff, administration and obnoxious party continue to wreak havoc.

Media report disturbing news about astronomic budget cuts to the EPA, medical research and disease prevention programs, cuts to Medicaid for the poor, food-assistance, a proposed sale of 50% of the S and worse. Fortunately for him and his billionaire advisors, friends, relations, the rich will not be exposed to similar “budget cuts”.

CNN rightly calls this budget one full of gifts for the rich.

Flynn and Russia

Meanwhile, Flynn and his lawyers refused to hand over documents subpoenaed by the SIC, drawing on the Fifth Amendment. Speculation are now rive: is Flynn in contempt?

His lawyers repeated the deal Flynn seems to want to strike: info in exchange for immunity. Immunity from what – there are now not just his odd deals with Russia, but also Turkey and what else may come to light over time.

The Congress committee is also trying to get the White House to hand over documents used by the White House to vet Flynn. The White House refuses to do so. (Perhaps not having any documents to hand over?)

Mr. Chaffetz continues to refuse to issue a subpoena for the sought-after documents. Calling Mr. Chaffetz unhelpful is being kind. Since November 2016, some bloggers have speculated Russia may actually have “kompromat” on him. Others took a look at his finances. They point at Mr. Chaffetz’ ties to the dodgy Nu Skin with its financial ties to China.

Whatever may be the case: Mr. Chaffetz is on the way out. This time, his excuse for not acting is made clear in his tweet. Flynn “… wants to speak with special council first …“. This may be true, or Mr. Chaffetz’ aim may be to delay the various Russia inquiries currently taking place.

This does not prevent more people from wondering: is Flynn the only one so deep in? Why do the Grandees refuse to act? How many others were, or continue to be involved in antics similar to Flynn’s? Where do the buckets stop?

What remains baffling: Trump’s hard-core supporters continued, public praise. They continue to see nothing wrong with what went and goes on with this president and his party.

They state that the latest reports by the Washington Post, New York Times, testimony given to Congress or Senate committees, articles in national and international media: all are fake news. They continue to admire this president for all he accomplishes in Saudi Arabia and other places he is visiting at the moment.

Yet it is slowly becoming clear, the arms deal may be illegal, while jobs created by the other deals may materialize in Saudi Arabia – not necessarily in the US.

Washington Post: Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back
New York Times: Flynn misled Pentagon, lied


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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