In Brussels

Just in case you’re thinking I might be in Brussels: nah!

The moment the news broke that Marmalade Mussolini would land there, I made sure to check the dates. The dates he and his entourage would haunt and create havoc in Brussels.

Brussels happens to be one of my favourite places, but not with Bad Dude on the loose. Not with the possibility of the Dumb Deal going on the rampage. Of him erupting on the scene, wanting a selfie with Manneken Pis!

The idea of the mere, slightest, tiniest chance to accidentally bump into him – or any other member of the Trump family … Yuckerdeeyuck!

Yesterday, it became clear my decision to migrate, had been a wise one.

Belgian television reported extra police will be deployed. Not because of any terrorist planning to upstage the USA’s greatest show-boat. No – there are going to be protests and demonstrations against the USA’s greatest grandstand.

As a Belgian anchor put it:
“When President Obama visited Brussels there were no protests. There were no problems.
When Trump is coming for a visit, protest marches are going to take place.
Tens of thousands of demonstrators against Trump are expected.”

Sure enough: a few students from Gand and Brussels took the initiative. They posted on Facebook and elsewhere to find folks willing to join them in a protest against the potty president. You may still be able to find the “Trump not Welcome” event.

Magazines and papers took up the call. Belgian news interviewed protesters preparing for their march. Wearing a pink hat seems obligatory. Some of my friends wondered if Melania needed a pink hat or two.

“Trump not Welcome” starts at 17:00 Brussels’ local time, near Brussels’ Gare du Nord – on Wednesday. That is Wednesday evening taken care of. Unless further protests are planned.

Thursday, plenty roads into and out of Brussels will be sealed off – as will be the center and other parts of the city. There will of course be extra security, extra police, extra army – what not. The havoc and chaos will continue during Trump’s visit and after. It takes a while for normality to return – as anybody in the US and especially living around Mar-a-Lago” can tell you.

I certainly advise a visit to Brussels. Lovely town, delightful people – even while they’re protesting. Honestly, I’ve been in Brussels in the middle of union protest and demonstrations: lovely town, delightful people.

But imagine Trump going on a rampage in Brussels. Belgium is well worth a visit and Brussels a nice spot to live in, but not while Trump’s there.



About Kate

Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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