Same page

The media are speculating how the meeting might have gone. Perhaps the Pope and Trump might land on the same page – perhaps not. The Pope reacted to various Trump antics with critical tweets

The Pope is of course a builder of bridges. Trump is more into concrete towers and walls. The latest estimate of costs for his proposed Mexican border wall is $9.3m per mile of fence and $17.8m per mile of wall. Funding may partly come from scrapping financial aid to various projects helping the US poor. Fortunately for Trump, the Pope won’t vote on his budget.

While Trump, family members, advisors, aides were deported to tour a part of the world, his budget was revealed. Even quite a few Republicans are critical. Some media dubbed the budget “dead on arrival”.

Trump seems bent on improving the lifestyle of the rich, while making the poor’s lives even more miserable. The Pope might become even more critical.  As for the two meeting: only those present will know exactly what was discussed.

With the large number of aides, advisors, Ivanka, Melania and Vatican staff present … With so many people minding him, ensuring he will not have tantrums nor use explicits … It is unlikely Trump raved and ranted.

Trump once accused the Pope of being a disgrace in a tweet. Trump found out the Pope actually queues and pays his own hotel bill. Rather rich from someone who excels in behaving un-presidently and is known to dodge bills.

So perhaps the meeting went a bit like Trump demanding: “Can you finally land on the same page; My Page? Netanyahu is!”

Of course, Netanyahu and his wife are being investigated about fraud and bribery by Israeli police, with a chance of being indicted. So being on the same page with Jared’s “uncle Bibi” may help Jared’s dad-in-law.

Regardless of what Trump said, says, did, does: the Pope will of course remind him he should behave in a Christian fashion and that all is forgiven anyway.

Apparently, on leaving, Trump claimed he “won’t forget what you said”. As this is taken out of context, one can only guess. Was this meant literally, or as one of those threats Trump is famous for?

Not that it matters much with this Flip-flop Ace. Despite his claim, he undoubtedly forgot whatever the Pope said the moment he walked through the door. Or spun it into some fake news in which he, the Donald, will gloriously shine and stand out as some hero.

Perhaps, once the Vatican doors closed behind them, Trump asked Ivanka or Melania: “Who was that odd guy in the white dress? The one with no dress-sense.”

For according to the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, Trump did not realize he was visiting the Middle East – while being there.

Remains something else to mull over: the media hype about what Trump and Melania do with their hands. There was some odd body-language in Israel and again in Italy. Though in Italy, at least Trump’s hand landed on Melania’s bum.

Are Trump and Melania still on the same page?

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UK Independent: body-language


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