Simply can’t sit on secrets

Even when the potty one has been temporarily deported on a tour to do deals and visit the Pope, some US officials simply can not sit on secrets. Following the example set by their great, huge, enormous leader, some US officials released secret information regarding the Manchester terror attack. This time, confidential details were not just shared with Russia – just shared with the world.

This despite the UK intelligence community and police having asked specifically not to release such confidential information after acts of terrorism.

Unlike the Israeli, the Brits did not remain silent. In fact, the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd was so irritated and angry, she went public. On radio, on camera, all over the media, she ensured her message got across. She publicly condemned US spooks for leaking shared intelligence information. But will her message sink in?

Her irritation and anger are understandable. It stands to reason police and security services want to control what goes out into the wide world.

After all, the Brussels attacks and their aftermath made clear networks and lone wolves watch, read, listen to all media. Not just to see how successful an attack was, to gloat over casualties and the created havoc, to ensure they remain at least one step ahead of arrests.

According to media, including the UK Independent, “… The initial death tolls, the fact the attack appeared to be a suicide bombing, and the name of the attacker, were all released through US outlets, apparently via leaky US intelligence sources. …

Such information when carefully studied by those planning further attacks and wanna-be terrorists may reveal how intelligence is gathered. It may reveal what information is shared. It may even reveal sources spying on terrorists, wanna-bees.

Yet it is not just the current US president, his government, his administration which are bent on proving they are irresponsible and untrustworthy – in every respect.

Such behaviour does not help form and maintain a united front against terrorists nor enemies. At least one news agency already reported some members of European intelligence communities are considering to stop sharing intelligence with the US due to leaks. European intelligence communities fear putting their sources at risk.

Meanwhile, some family and friends of victims are still searching  for loved ones. Others have to cope with the loss of people they cherished. Victims who survive may have to cope with life-changing injuries and scars. Many who went through the attack will be traumatized for years, if not life.

It is this aftermath, as well as the prevention of such horrors, which make leaking of confidential information and shared intelligence simply unforgivable. Something ordinary people understand. Yet it is apparently too much to grasp, for US officials and their potty president.

UK Telegraph: Still unaccounted for
UK Independent: Home Secretary Amber Rudd


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