Thumb could have announced his exit from the Paris agreement ages ago. Why wait till the world begged not to exit? It catered to his needs: he was in the spot-light, things revolved around him; it gratified his vanity, his self-image, compensated for reality – which reflects something different.

This potty president told his audience he is aware the world laughs at him, mocks him, despises him. His response? Exit the Paris agreement with the excuse that remaining part of the team makes the US the laughingstock of the world. Of course, in reality it is the exact opposite and worse.

Regardless, as with so much the Dumb Dude does, one person must be happy. Putin is the boss of a country which is still stuck in the 20th century. Russia earns mega-bucks for exporting fossil fuels, including coal.

As plenty journalists noticed: Macron is a real leader. France’s President hit the ground running and is set to accomplish a lot more for France, Europe, the world – than Don Thumb. He ensured the message was put out worldwide: scientists and others believing in climate change and wanting to combat it are welcome!

Worse news for the US: the countries which signed, support, intend to stick to the Paris agreement have notified the potty president he need not knock on their doors. As with the UK’s Brexit – once out, it’s out.

As for the “trollies” who claim Dumb Thumb stopped his country paying all those billions to support third world countries, the poorest countries, to compensate in order for them to be able to save the world too …

Guess what “trollies”? The agreement was never binding. As the former Australian president pointed out: bit by bit, chip by chip, crack by crack the US leadership of the world will disappear. By opting out of the agreement, the US shot itself in its two feet. Congrats.

Guess what “trollies”? Europe, Europe, Europe pays over 50% into this good cause. Europe – not the USA – pays most towards helping, assisting, ensuring the poorest countries in this world who care as much about our one and only planet, are able to contribute to saving it without economically loosing too much.

Guess what? Most experts and journalists ponder, if the potty president has any idea how the agreement works. It is telling, that after the Brexit-result, folks in the UK suddenly needed to find out what the EU actually was, did, accomplished.

It is telling, that no such thing happened when the US exited from the Paris agreement. A large part of the US and its president are simply not interested in anything too complicated. A large part of the US including its president simply do not want to own up that they are among the earth’s largest, greatest, most awful polluter.

As for all those numbers about jobs and the US economy? The usual fake news, alternative facts, stark lies the Dumb Thumb excels in.

Dumb Thumb used estimates provided by a private company, not any numbers his administration coughed up

Likely because the real factual numbers unearthed by his own admin would show that things were improving under then president Obama – but not under Dumb Thumb in his less than 150 days in office. Even though those 150 days kind of feel like more than 150 years.


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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