You’re never too old to learn something new. Never heard the term flip bird before. Came across it in a serious article on Tillerson’s visit to New Zealand. An awful number of decent folks welcomed him with a certain species of birdies.

To cite the Washington Post correspondent: “I’ve never seen so many people flip the bird“.

Knowing a few awfully nice and decent New Zealand folks, I had to know the meaning of this. Turned out the birds go by different names where I live. That’s migration for you

The birds were not the only treat doled out. Protesters also threw water-filled not-exactly-balloons at images of Mr Tillerson’s boss. This boss calls himself “the real Donald Trump”. He also goes by titles like Dumb Deal, Bad Dude, Marmalade Mussolini, tweeting twit,  and worse.

Why the birdies, water-bombs, warm welcome?

New Zealand supports the Paris agreement. In fact, where tweeting Thumb denies climate change and promotes the use of USA (and Russian) fossil fuels …

The New Zealand government and opposition bicker about cutting emissions. The New Zealand government aims at cutting at least 11% of 1990 emission-levels by 2030. The opposition argues 40% should be the minimum. Told you: nice and decent folks.

Despite the birdies and the water-bombs, Tillerson backed his boss. One of the few putting up with “the real Donald Trump”.

For more US officials and diplomats resign, because they can no longer defend their potus. Meanwhile Trump seems to have a problem finding candidates for posts, including attorneys. Or as the New York Times states “… Trump fired half the nation’s US attorneys, following the resignations of the other half, he has yet to replace a single one. …

Probably all those jobs Trump bragged about, he would create once in office.

His mega deal with Saudi Arabia may be illegal and if not, most jobs will be created in Saudi Arabia. His government gets plenty facts wrong, including economic and job numbers. Fortunately, journalists check facts and dispelled recent job-claims by Pruitt.

By the way: after so many pulling out, no need to apply for the job of FBI director anymore. Some lawyer from the firm which has the Trump Organisation as client and who donated enough money to Republicans “landed” this job.

Now what did that bird DeVos state? Not recycle-reward – no: return on investments.
I’d call it buying a post, kick-backs, “financial elevator pitch”.

What can one expect but fraud, fat lies, false claims, alternative facts and worse, from someone needing to brand himself “the real Donald Trump”.

Guardian: Frosty welcome
New York Times editorial: Where are the US attorneys?
Washington Post: Senior diplomat resigns
US ABC News: US diplomats driven to dissent
UK Independent: Trump fired all ambassadors
Washington Post: Fact check – Pruitt’s claim


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