Dinners and grillings

A long time ago, a president had a nice and cozy dinner with a FBI director. Grilled steak or charcoal-ed fish was probably not served, but it was a kind of grilling. The president grilled the director about loyalty and an investigation.

The dinner was part of the president’s continuing meddling. The president and his staff, advisors, friends wanted to know how far a certain investigation was going, whom might end up being investigated, what unsavory stuff had been and might be revealed.

The meddling did not start nor stop at this dinner. The dinner and what followed did ensure the director got the boot, was fired, was gotten rid of.

Now everybody is waiting what will happen tomorrow, when the former FBI director will finally testify. He will be grilled by a panel of senators. People expect, a lot will be revealed.

Some are less optimistic. They suspect there may be further meddling to ensure Comey will not testify. If not some kind of gagging order, then another “nick of time” interference.

Others focus on what steps the president, his staff, his admin are taking in preparation. Some journalists have reported major law firms continue to turn down the demand to defend the president.

Others noticed something even more interesting. The president scheduled another cozy, private dinner at the White House. Steak or grilled fish may or may not have been served. Far more interesting than the menu: the guests.

These guests included senators Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton. Two Republicans. They just happen to be part of the panel preparing to grill former FBI director Comey, Thursday.

He was fired because he did not, could not terminate the Russia investigation. He is expected to reveal more about the investigation. What is revealed: the meddling and attempts to end it, finish it, halt it, derail it into oblivion, simply do not stop.

Baffling: why do president, staff, administration claim there is nothing to hide, nothing to see? Why claim anything related to the Russia investigation is fake news?

That a highly concerned deputy attorney general was booted, that attempts were made to discredit the intelligence services, that a FBI director was booted, that a whistle-blower was jailed after publishing evidence of Russian meddling and hacking during the rigged campaign which got Trump elected US president surrounded by far too many people with close links to Putin’s Russia: this is no fake news.

Evidence the current US administration is far too closely involved with money-laundering Russians, Kazakhstan mafia, Israeli dealers in blood diamonds who also happen to be personal friends of Putin … Evidence Trump charity foundations are used to launder money. Evidence Trump and company use his position for financial gains; evidence simply continues to mount and mount and mount.

So: why this dinner less than 48 hours before the grilling?

Latest: Trump picks Wray as new FBI director. Wray works for King & Spalding which just happens to have a Trump Organisation as client. Wray also defended Chris Christie. So no problems with loyalties here and another huge reward for investments, as Christopher A. Wray donated to Republican senators.

CNN: Trump-Comey timeline
Newsweek & Forbes: Trump used charity to launder or funnel money
Newsweek: Trump-Comey testimony



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