As journalists broadcasted: this snap-election certainly backfired. Yet despite the Tories’ losses, May will not exit. She struck a deal with the controversial DUP and will form a minority government. She may even try for her harsh Brexit.

EU leaders warned May. EU leaders repeatedly told her an election was not necessary for her Brexit. They pointed at the Brexit time-table.

By now, EU leaders must be disenchanted with British Tories. First there was David Cameron’s Brexit Referendum gamble. Now they are stuck with the results of May’s snap election gamble.

May’s election, sold to the Brits as necessary for a better negotiating-position with the EU, resulted in exactly the opposite she sought. A surge in voters, especially young voters ensured May did not get what she craved and wanted.

Instead of a landslide majority and unchallenged mandate, May is now stuck with controversial coalition partner DUP. Plenty people are already unhappy with this.

The Democratic Unionist Party is best known for its former leader, Ian Paisley. He would undoubtedly have been delighted with today’s election result. With its ties to Protestant Northern Ireland, The DUP has its own agenda and interests. It already stressed this by stating it will support May’s Tories on a case to case basis.

May also lost precious time, needed to prepare for what remain tough negotiations with EU leaders. The British economy is not doing as well as it should be, compared to many European Union member states. The snap election has also not bridged the rift between those pro and anti Brexit.

May is right the UK needs a stable government and leadership the coming years. Yet this is exactly what her ill-advised election has not delivered.

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