Hope there are tapes! Yes, Mr. Comey, lots of folks also hope there are tapes! Lordy! Why hasn’t the House already subpoenaed those tapes! Why isn’t the committee already listening to them?

By now, even the Dumb Tweet will have managed to tamper with these, erased bits, obliterated the rest.

As for you having to stoop to leaking certain news to friends, colleagues, the media: thanks for doing so! As for you not stepping across the street to Sessions domain: totally understand it. Sessions is compromised and unfortunately, anybody working for him – is contaminated.

It is a worrisome sign, that you were triggered into jotting down notes, writing down memos of what was and is going on in this government – well before the inauguration of Dumb Tweet.

A Dumb Twit who was willing to call into question election results if he did not win. A Dumb Twit who is anything but inapt, as shows him sending away any witnesses to his private conversations with you.

It is naive to continue to state, that Trump “needs to learn”, “is new to the job” or use similar excuses. The man is a known and proven bully, crook, fraudster, liar, manipulator – regardless what job he held and holds.

There may be no case of obstruction of justice. There remains ample evidence this US president attempted and continue to attempt to obstruct the course of justice. Trump’s meddling and interfering merely continues to build a case for him being a Russian puppet.

As the New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal put it: “… after all, the Kremlin has already gotten from Trump something it’s wanted since the North Atlantic Treaty was signed on April 4, 1949 … But it’s just as important to get at the bottom, and perhaps more urgent, to get to the bottom of the president’s attempts to block the investigation into … ties to Russia. … Trump abused his power. … not to protect Michael Flynn, but to protect a person far more important … himself.

As the New York Times’ Cohen mentions: “… To show loyalty you have to engage in the corrupt or mendacious behaviour he [Trump] engages in. … What was Trump’s motive? It’s hard to see an innocent one. His actions look like a corrupt attempt to interfere with the due administration of justice …

By the way: shouldn’t the White House by now be dubbed the Black, Off-white, Obscure, Tarnished, Moldering, Dark, Dirtied House? Despite the president’s Ham – sorry, Huckadory saying “I can definitely say the president is not a liar“. Wise up kid: how many times has your boss already been caught in print and on camera, lying through his teeth? Provided those are still his teeth – what with the hair.

This US government and the GOP have lost all credibility – yet the GOP refrains from taking the obvious and necessary steps: oust Trump and call for a new, non-rigged election.

As the US government and GOP refuse to act: what about dragging Trump meltdownSessions back in front of a committee or even court? For according to Comey’s testimony, given under oath, it was not just the president who lied. Sessions lied about the number of times he met Russian representatives.

NYT, editorial: Mr. Comey
NYT, Rosenthal: Trump’s surreal
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