How many?

Trump was caught bragging. Okay – this happens on a daily basis. There were the big, huge, enormous crowds at his inauguration. There was his unfounded claim about winning the popular vote.

He regularly claims to create immense numbers of jobs – which then turn out to be roughly 30 or less and not thousands bragged about. Or worse: it turns out the jobs were created years ago. Or just as awful: are going to be created elsewhere.

This time, he was caught bragging about the number of followers he has on social media.

One has to brag about something, when one’s executive orders and laws and healthcare proposals and number of created jobs are uhm, let’s put it diplomatically: under-performing?

One has to brag about something, when one’s popularity is rather low. The percentage varies per poll. The average is apparently hovering between 30 to 35 percent. The exact percentage may actually drop some more, as usually happens during politicians’ terms in office.

The New Civil Rights Movement stated, the only thing left for Trump to do, is to brag about success on Twitter and Facebook. So Trump bragged about having more than a hundred million followers.

Of course, the really social media savvies saw this as a challenge. They had a look. They tested. Turns out, about 60% of POTUS’ followers may actually be fake and bots.

The rest not necessarily consists of fans. Some followers owned up to being journalists who need to report on people, things, events, news. Comments on Facebook also revealed, people just created an account to follow Trump for their daily bit of LOL and-or covfefe.

Trump meltdownOne good thing: because he bragged about having over a hundred million followers and being that popular … There are about 75 million account “following” Trump. Of these account, a large number may be fake and among what is left, are a great many people who are no fan, no supporter, no admirer of Trump.

NCRM: Trump reduced to having to brag about
Washington Post, The Fix, Philip Bump: When Trump brags


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