Taking from the poor

It’s not just the Trump admin, nor just the GOP who love to “take from the poor”.  What else to call this latest version of a healthcare act. How else to call the present version of the Trump Care Act, which will ensure roughly 22 million Americans will lose health insurance coverage?

No, it is not just Republican politicians who apparently make stealing from the poor a licensed sport. It is not the Trumps or Kushners, who think the poor and less-well-off in this world can be used, duped, trodden on – without having to face consequences.

Guardian journalists obtained papers. Not the kind shedding light on the intricate ties between Trump, his family, some of his supporters, a few members of his administration and certain Russians.

The journalists obtained papers proving that one of Trump’s lawyers and staunch defender, Jay Sekulow, ensured poor and jobless people were targeted. Targeted as donors for CASE, Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism, a non-profit organization. Sekulow is “… president of Case and the chief counsel of its sister organization, the American Center for Legal Justice (ACLJ).

So what? Nothing wrong with asking kind, good, but jobless or poor people to donate money towards good causes? This is not the problem.

What is wrong is targeting the poor, milking them for donations, then ensuring the money they can ill afford to donate – is not used to help good causes.

Guardian journalists have discovered Jay Sekulow ensured donated money went not towards good causes promoted by his NGO. He needed “… a private jet to finance. His law firm was expecting a $3m payday. And six-figure contracts for members of his family needed to be taken care of. … since 2000 has steered more than $60m to Sekulow, his family and their businesses.

This amounts to roughly $ 3.5 million each year – since 2000 right up to the current year. Millions of dollars taken from the gullible poor and jobless, who believed it would be used for good causes they believe in.

In the Guardian article, it is explained how various family members “earned” their money “working for” the NGO. Rather odd financial arrangements are also explained. Such “use” of donations is now finally starting to raise eyebrows and questions.

My problem is not just this willful targeting of poor and jobless people, then using the money to support millionaire lifestyles. The whole set-up started in 2000? We’re living in 2017: no audits took place or if they did, they did not uncover anything?

The Guardian has published a second article, showing Trump’s lawyer also used donations for other purposes like attacking Obama-care. His behaviour and use of donations do not say a thing about the way the Kushners and Trumps of this world do business, live their lives, obtain and spend money. Especially not, while the Trumps and Kushners continue to sit on tax returns and other paperwork, which may shed light on their deals, their takings, financial arrangements, whatever.

Unfortunately, the reputations of Trumps and Kushners are now such, people on social media are wondering if they – like their lawyer and supporter – are also involved in similar “good causes”, NGOs, line of business.

That business of taking from the poor – to fund millionaire lifestyles.

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Guardian: Trump lawyer targets poor to fight Obamacare

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