I don’t like bullies

You must have seen it? The Hulk had dolled herself up. No improvement and unfortunately enough, the manners remain the same.

Fortunately, after a while, one journalist had had enough. He stood up and gave Huck and what she represents – potus 45′ s admin and his media attitude – a piece of his mind. It was upsetting to witness, none of the other reporters present bothered to stand up and back him. For that is the only solution to put bullies back in their place.

For what did the Huck do? She promoted journalists who have no qualms producing fake news, tow Trump’s party line, sell the world Trump’s fake news and real lies.

After ranting to the journalists, about the media producing fake news (anything the president and his buddies do not like) … After ranting about lies (CNN reporters were fired, after getting a story wrong) … She promoted “deceptive videos”.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can not be replaced fast enough. She should not be allowed to remain a full four years. She should be out now.

When Brian Karem quite rightly had had enough, when he stood up against this so-called presidential spokes-person, when he took her to task, she just continued in the same, disgusting manner.

That the rest of the journalists did not back Karem was horrid. It is exactly the kind of behaviour which will ensure the GOP and Trump administration will continue to get away with secrecy, fibs, falsifications, lies, crimes.

I applaud Brian Karem and journalists like him. Journalists and others daring to stand up to the likes of Huck, who should be serving the public, but prefer to sell us outright lies, alternative facts, fake news. This US administration should not get away with what it is doing. People should be aware, they are being lied to, duped, used – by a US government which resembles a criminal organization.

Meanwhile, potus 45 as at it again. It was, that his hands did not linger, for he certainly lived up to the image women saw during part of his election campaign. The Irish reporter was probably lucky that many people were in the room. Otherwise, she may have had to start a legal case for sexual harassment, or worse.

As if this was not enough, Trump also attacked Mika Brzezinski. His tweet was worse than sexist. The reason for his nastiness? Mika Brzezinski dared criticize one of his tweets, stating “… that’s your president of the United States lying to you.”

It is to be hoped Trump will soon be dragged through court, if not getting impeached, then for sexual harassment and sexist tweets. He should stick to wallpapering his residences with his faked magazine covers.

Washington Post: I don’t like bullies
Washington Post: Trump’s latest








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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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