Don’t think you can expect

I don’t think you can expect us to sit back and put up with someone who tweets and behaves like Trump. I don’t think he and his admin should expect us to just sit back and get attacked, duped, lied to, used, abused, bullied, treated like twits for days on end, hour by hour, minute by minute.

After all: the world and a majority of US voters never knew, they were getting or were voting for this. Moreover, the election which promoted Trump, his extended family, friends and admin into place was – as he himself stated and admitted: rigged and successfully meddled with by Russia.

The tweets were awful enough. His tweets and later explanations about bleeding eyes and what not, were strikingly similar to his fake Time cover. While he claimed he was ogling Ms Brzezinski sporting signs of a face-lift gone wrong …. Of course, photos were uncovered showing her dazzling.

So his tweets were the usual worse-than-crazy ones from a clearly unhinged potus 45, containing as usual – just alternative facts and fake news.

What was even more awful than his tweets, was his princip-dep-press-sec taking the floor. In no time, Trump’s Huck started blasting from the pulpit again. What have Republicans and their groupies with rants?

The most awful bit: her counting minutes potus 45 was abused. Simply bizarre.

What about made-over-Huck comparing Trump to Jezus? Everybody present and those watching Huck’s press disaster were treated to Jezus being dragged in. Worse: Jezus’ ordeal being dragged down and on a par with Trump’s fake suffering.

Nice to know, Sarah Huckabee Sanders considers herself to be a true disciple of the Jewish or rather Galilean rabbi from Nazareth. But to see, witness, a Trump groupie presenting Trump as victim and comparing what he “goes through” to Jezus’ fate … It beggars belief.

We are expected to sit back and just witness all this? Apart from the likes of Huck, most American citizens and media are fighting for their rights and future. As for respect: the way this guy attacks and punches back regardless of whether you are man or woman …  Are we supposed to admire and applaud his nasty, spiteful behaviour?

Much later, after mulching over Huck’s disgusting show, I wondered: should I have pointed a corna towards the telly? Should I drag out the few signacula brought back from visits to pilgrim spots? Would it be wise to wear these, while watching anything with Trump in it? To ward off the meanness, hatred, evil, bad energy he spreads?

As for the whines from Trump, Ivanka – not to forget one Melania moaning about internet bullying: as Brian Karem had to point out …  Most equipment including radio, television, tablets and computers have an on-off switch.

You so narcissistic you need to paper your walls with fake Time covers? You incapable of coping with highly deserved criticism, you need to sink to vulgar, vitriolic reactions? Get off the world stage!

As for Huck’s whines: her daddy stepped in to clarify the president’s tweets made her job difficult. Admitted: it is difficult to land on a fake front cover, but if you can’t take the heat – get out!

Start preaching to people who share your own opinions, belief and worldview one hundred percent! Just don’t expect the rest of the world to share these.

Washington Post: It is not normal
Washington Post: Mika Brzezinski responds


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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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