Disgraceful? Just a wacky job – as usual

Of course, most US media fed folks a positive take on whatever happened in Hamburg. CNN reporters practically swooned, discussing the “news” that the pink-paper-hat had actually tried to break up the two-hour-long chat. How cute!

Reality was, that Trump was as clueless in Hamburg as anywhere else. He also managed to illustrate how isolated the US has already become – thanks to whatever passes for “his leadership”.

While media were swooning and drooling over whatever was “discussed” between Trump and Putin, Trump of course managed to tweet. He was at it again: creating fictional accounts of whatever his reality is. His latest fake news concerned John Podesta and a hacked Democratic National Committee server.

It remains unbelievable that nobody drags Trump through court for his slanderous tweets. Podesta merely retaliated, tweeting to “our whack job POTUS” to “get a grip.” Wishful thinking.

The Washington Post pointed out that contrary to the fiction-tweet: “Podesta did not hold a position at the DNC, and he was not in a position to assert control over its email sever. By all accounts, Podesta cooperated fully with the FBI and other law enforcement officials in relation to the hacking of his personal email.

This will not endear the WP with this thick-sculled potus. Nor will his core groupies believe reality.

An even wackier job: the two-hour-long “talks” between Putin and Trump. Did Putin have to spell things out – letter by letter? With Trump’s attention-span of a gold-fish, this may have been the case.

As was to be expected with this potus, there are already at least two versions of what actually happened. There is the Trump and Tillerson story. There is the Russian version.

Which is closer to the truth? Till January 2017, it would have been the US version. Now, the Washington Post can only state: “… encounter that ended in confusion over whether Trump had agreed to absolve the Kremlin … a victory for Putin. In Moscow, political leaders were celebrating Friday night.

Why so many US media driveled and drooled? Wise up: is Trump made of the stuffing, to confront Putin? With all that is known about his Russian involvements since the late 1980s? With all that was and continues to be revealed about Trump and his inner circle?

A two-hour-long chat took place behind closed doors, between the foxy Russian President, his clever Russian Foreign Minister, Tillerson – who knows Putin since 1999 and whom Putin personally awarded the Russian “Order of Friendship” – oh , and Trump. A Trump who benefited from Russian hacking, Russian financial aid, and who is likely totally one-hundred-percent compromised – so is very likely a Russian puppet.

As for the swooning media, delighted with the story pink-paper-hat knocked on doors? Who suddenly drooled that Melania Trump is so “worthy”, so “presidential” – has “style”?

That’s not covering news. Slobbering over copy-cat Melania Trump knocking on doors may be cute, but is that serious news? CNN: if you can’t deliver decent coverage other than drooling and driveling over dress-sense, go interview a few protesters.

Most modern women prefer the role model and standards Michele Obama and similar cookies set. Not the antics of speech-copy-cat Melania knocking on doors, because she was stuck in her hotel and missed out on a cruise.

Washington Post: Podesta calls Trump
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