Here we go yet again

Here we go yet again. One Ivanka claims she’s not into politics. Then she turns up at G20 tables, replacing daddy-the-president. A bit later, she thanks all the world leaders.

By the way: what is her security clearance? Her so-called non-political, non-deal-maker, advisory role is already not so much opaque but blackest of black.

The reason to ask about her security clearance? One wonders how compromised she and husband Jared Kushner are. What with the latest lies fabricated and now unearthed.

So the Trump family was caught lying yet again?

This time, about meetings with a Russian lawyer. First the meeting as never mentioned. Once it became known Trump family members and one campaign manager had preferred to stay mum about this meeting (and others?), it was spun as a meeting about adoption.


Guess what: not that many folks on earth remain surprised Putin wants to adopt this family.
Guess what: it is more a case of us wanting to know when exactly the various Trump family members got themselves adopted by Putin.

When nobody is inclined to swallow the adoption spin, more is revealed. The guys met, to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. What? Why?

They got plenty money from Putin. They got plenty servers and mails through Putin’s friends. They still wanted and needed dirt on Hillary Clinton to win their totally fraudster, completely rigged election! Says a lot about Clinton, one presumes.

So: the guys meet at Trump Tower far more often than revealed. This bunch only reveal anything, when they can’t hide it any longer.

By now one starts wondering at all their attempts between roughly December and today, to create back channels. Why? What for? And how much are the UAE involved in setting up these channels? They were involved in attempts; so what was their reward?

Meanwhile, as expected and by now standard procedures …

After tweeting whines about how mean and stupid the media are, the t*rd changed tacks. When it is clear the media don’t swallow the lies and start uncovering, the next step is always: deflect attention.

And here we go yet again …

The tweeting twit went ballistic, of course. He accused former FBI director James Comey – yet again.

Of what? According to the Washington Post and other media, James Comey is now accused of illegally leaking classified information.

This trumped-up government, administration, the whole political GOP circus has become such a circus …

As for the Russian lawyer? According to the UK Independent she – here we go again – has ties with the Kremlin. Undoubtedly, more revelations concerning her and how close she is to Putin and his cronies will follow.

Heavy has already revealed Natalia Veseltniskaya represented the Russian fraudster in a case brought by Preet Bharara. Mr. Bharara was of course dismissed by Trump, on the advise of Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz.

One wonders: when will the security clearances of one Jared and one Ivanka be ditched? If they actually have any clearances. Furthermore: how long will the US – and the world – be stuck with this totally obvious freaky-fraudster mobster-government – including Pence and the rest?

As other bloggers already commented: Nixon was impeached for less.

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