The lawyer, now unknown to all

The Kremlin has no clue who that lawyer is. Trump senior has no clue who that lawyer is. Trump junior, Kushner, Manaford – the rest, only know that lawyer is pretty, pretty crafty, pretty Russian.

They all publicly disown her. Yet Ms Veselnitskaya can be linked to the Kremlin and its specific interests – as well as to the Trump family and backers and supporters and advisers and their specific interests.

According to Caitlin Dicson of Yahoo News, “… in an affidavit she submitted to U.S. District court in Manhattan last year …, Veselnitskaya has been practicing law in Russia since 1998.

For three years …, she worked in the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office, ‘overseeing the legality of statutes that were adopted by legislators of Moscow Oblast,’ before forming her own private law offices in 2003.

[Which skips over her marriage which made her one of the most influential lawyers] … more high-profile clients is Denis Katsyv, the son of state-owned Russian Railways vice president Petr Katsyv, and himself the owner of a Cyprus-based investment firm called Prevezon Holdings.

At the time of her fateful meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr.; Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner; and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, Veselnitskaya was a member of Katsyv’s legal team defending Prevezon against charges of money laundering brought by then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. The complaint alleged a scheme by Russian politicians and New York real estate figures to conceal as much as $230 million.

Bharara was fired by President Trump in March. In May, days before the Prevezon trial [also known as the Magnitsky Act] was set to begin, the U.S. agreed to settle the case under Bharara’s successor Joon H. Kim in exchange for a civil forfeiture of $5.9 million. … “
Just one of the eyebrow-raising decisions recently made by Joon H. Kim.

By now the firing of Preet Bharara should be investigated. By now, it may be interesting to discover who owned the buildings where Prevezon was situated. By now, senator Grassley wants some answers too.

Senator Grassley raised another problem. He sent off “… a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson [the one whom Putin awarded a medal], said US permission for the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, to travel to the United States had been set to expire on Jan. 7, 2016, and her request for an extension had been denied …

Meanwhile, all those Russian links between the Trumps and Russia and various former USSR satellite states, start bordering on the incestual. It also seems impossible for the Trumps (and the rest) not to hire or meet lawyers with Russian connections and Russian interests.

What should not been forgotten either: the Russian lawyer now disowned by many, had access to “dirt”. Likely the “dirt” were mails stolen from a hacked server or laptop.

Even if she had no illegally obtained “dirt”, she certainly represented folks who got hurt by US sanctions. Nobody denies, she was a champion for the cause to lift these sanctions. So what did she have or want to trade to get those sanctions lifted?

If she had no “dirt”, how come she offered incriminating stuff? If she met to get sanctions lifted, what did she offer in exchange? She did not get an orchestrated meeting at the Trump Tower, with three of the top guys in the then Trump election campaign – because there was nothing! (By the way: Kushner now claims he was present only part of the meeting.)

If Trump-potus is believed, he did not know about this meeting in his Trump Tower. He did not know his top guys of his election team, met someone from a foreign and hostile nation to get dirt on the competition. Unlike his son, his son-in-law, his then campaign-manager, Trump-potus claims not to have been present, to have been completely unaware of things going on at his Trump Tower. On the other hand: he is a known liar.

One thing is perfectly clear: the real reason Trump-potus went ape-shit and ballistic when he thought his Trump Towers were infested with cameras and microphones. Imagine the tapes! Imagine the reports! Imagine the proof!

Tapes or none: like all meetings between members of the present US government and Russians, this one was hushed up. Till the US media caught a whiff. After researching things, checking facts, they contact the Trumps to give them a chance to react before publication. In most western countries, this is standard media procedure.

Aware they can no longer sit on this secret, a tale is spun to the American people. When nobody swallows it, the myth is changed several times. Until Trump junior is forced to play his hand and share his emails.Then it remained a case of discrediting and disowning the lawyer – by the Russian and US governments.

This revealed meeting may not be the smoking gun practically everybody is looking for. It certainly smacks of more than collusion.  All the links between the Trump circle and Russia, start to smell of treason, espionage, betrayal of Americans and America.

Prevezon Holding: from Moscow to Manhattan
Timesunion: some info on Veselnitskaya
Washington Examiner: Grassley wants to know
Washington Post: Trump’s financial ties to Russia




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