Interesting and correction

Oh dear! Have to write an interesting but small correction concerning the previous post’s last paragraph or so.

It turns out, nobody invited Donald Trump to attend Bastille Day!
He invited himself over! He and Melania kind of gatecrashed the French party!

Oh dear! There was no invitation!
Which makes the Trumps visiting Paris, attending the celebrations, well: rather embarrassing!

2017 Macron and wife

French President Macron and his charming wife

According to the Washington Post, the moment President Macron accidentally told Trump about how the French celebrate the day in Paris, including the two-hour-long military parade … That this year, American troops would take part because of the 1917 commemoration

Military parade? On hearing this, Trump invited himself over!

President Macron and his wife and his government – all the French probably thought “Merde!”, or the French equivalent of “Lordie!”
But being awfully nice and decent and well-behaved, rushed to put together an event for the Trumps.

How embarrassing for the USA!
In Australia, political parties are moving to bar Trump from ever entering their country.
There is the UK, putting Trump’s visit on hold.
Now here is their president, who not only lies about all the Russian ties – but also gate-crashes!

As the Washington Post puts it:

President Trump was not expected to attend France’s Bastille Day, which this year will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War I.

But then he learned there would be a military parade.

French President Emmanuel Macron told Trump in a June 27 phone call about the event, which this year will feature U.S. and French troops marching through the historic streets near the Arc de Triomphe, fighter jets cutting through the skies above, and flags, horses and military equipment on display — the sort of spectacle that Trump wanted to stage at his own inauguration in January.

Trump told Macron he would be there, according to a White House official, and French and U.S. officials rushed to schedule a last-minute trip that will last about 27 hours and include dinner at an opulent restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and a visit to Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb.

As plenty are now speculating: let’s hope Trump manages to stay awake for two hours. Let’s hope Trump manages 27 hours without insulting someone.

Washington Post: Trump loves a military parade

Previous Bastille Day celebration

Part of the military parade during a previous Bastille Day celebration



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