“… very informative and very, very interesting”

I think you’re going to find it very informative and very, very interesting,” Trump said at his Westchester County golf club (where else), on the seventh of June 2016.

Now he denies all knowledge of the meeting between Ms. Veselnitskaya, Donald Jr., Jared, Paul and whoever else was present.

Isn’t this very informative and very, very interesting?

Trump stands on a stage delivering a speech on the seventh of June last year – according to the Washington Post:

I am going to give a major speech,” Trump-potus declared, “Probably Monday of next week. And we’re going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons. “I think you’re going to find it very informative and very, very interesting,” he added. …

Hours earlier, his son Donald Jr. hit send on an email confirming a meeting with a lawyer with alleged ties to the Russian government with the promise of damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The meeting occurred two days later on June 9 in Trump Tower, attended by Trump’s chief campaign strategist, Paul Manafort, and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. …”

Trump denied all knowledge of the meeting in an interview with Reuter, Wednesday.  But according to other bloggers, Trump was in the Trump Tower the day this meeting took place. Though perhaps not actually present at it; merely hovering a floor above or below it.

For Reince Priebus and other Republicans were in New York. That very same day, they were to meet – not Ms. Veselnitskaya – but Trump himself. Priebus, some sixty or more major donors and Republicans were going to meet Trump at a meeting organized by Manafort at the Trump Tower, that very same day.

Now isn’t this informative and very, very interesting?

Ms. Veselniskaya only met with Trump Jr., Manafort and Jared Kushner, who according to her and Trump Jr. left after about 10 minutes. Or so we are told.

Isn’t this very informative and very interesting?

Ms. Veselniskaya claims in a sworn statement, she speaks no English. Do Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort speak Russian? Some claim they do not and wonder who else was present at this meeting. For unless Ms. Veselniskaya lied in her sworn statement, someone was needed to translate.

Goldstone wrote to Trump Jr: “… but will bring them at 3pm and introduce you etc. I will send the names of the two people meeting with you for security when I have them later today. … They can’t do today as she hasn’t landed from Moscow. …

At the time, Trump was facing a crisis. The RNC was not happy with him. Plenty delegates were still sitting on the wall. According to the Washington Post, Trump’s “… public poll numbers were in a free fall, taking him from a virtual tie with Clinton to a six-point deficit. … Before the end of the month, Trump fired campaign manager Corey Lewandowski — and elevated Manafort — as his two eldest children, Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, flexed their power. …

On the campaign trail that week and on social media, Trump had begun ramping up his attacks on Clinton, drawing attention to her “missing” emails and promising to unspool a web of corruption during her time as secretary of state. … To former Clinton aides, Trump’s promise of damaging information at the June 7 news conference takes on new meaning in light of the revelations about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Veselnitskaya.

It certainly is a coincidence which is rather informative and interesting.

We only have Trump Jr. ‘s word for it, that whatever information Ms. Veselniskaya wanted to hand over or share was worthless “dirt”. Was it? Is this twister telling the truth?

For isn’t this very informative and very, very interesting: at least one person had a preview of the “dirt”. At least one person if not more, must have seen a sample or more, of whatever Ms. Veselniskaya offered.

Goldstone wrote in his mail to Trump Jr. about the meeting between Ms. Veselniskaya and the Agalarovs: “… in their meeting offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary. … very high level and sensitive information.” Only then did Trump Jr. respond with the now famous “If it’s what you say, I love it, …“. But how to decide if official documents and sensitive, high level information are damning?

Surely, this is informative and interesting?

And knowing Trump, are we expected to believe he would sit on whatever took place? He may not have tweeted, but there was the donor-ado with Priebus and over sixty other people at the Trump Tower. Trump kept mum?

Trump senior is lying. He knew the Russians offered “dirt”. He knew the Russian government would support him. Ties and links between the Trump administration and Russia are deeper, closer, cozier, than anybody presumed. Small wonder Trump wants any Russia investigation halted.

Trump meltdownTrump may be in France, trying to shore up his image and bolster whatever remains of his standing. Much may be made of his visit. But lets face it: President Macron could hardly not invite a US president to this year’s celebration of Quatorze Juillet which this year coincides with the US joining western allies over a hundred years ago to fight in the First World War.

Washington Post: A million miles
Guardian: Donald Trump Jr posts emails
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