Research into the opposition

Now it’s called “research into the opposition”. Before this, it was dubbed “trying to ferret out spies”. Before that, it was “there was nothing going on”. Skipping a few labels , especially the ones out of Huck’s and other White House spinners’ hats, it was called “adoption planning”.

One of the culprits getting investigated, is called a good, wonderful boy. Not that this culprit is a four-year-old. The man happens to be forty. But then, his daddy also calls him transparent, open, innocent – and the victim of a witch-hunt.

As for one of the other culprits: finally, people are demanding his  security clearance be revoked. What that bloke and his wife were doing in the USA White House was a complete mystery anyway.

Jared Kushner and his wife should never have been allowed anywhere near a White House desk. Let alone get some flimsy kind of vet and check, followed by offices and the highest security clearance.

According to the UK Independent, Kushner instigated the bad press Qatar got – over a loan. The Kushners are deep in the red. So the new sheriff in town got a posse consisting of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to go after Qatar. Which is just one of the headaches Kushner caused and causes.

Now it’s not just the Donalds and Jared getting a bad press. Ivanka and her business are starting to grab the headlines – again. As the Washington Post puts it “… still owns her company, which has faced increasing scrutiny …

Remember her lie about not being into politics, then turning up replacing daddy at G20 meetings? All the interesting deals she did and does, because daddy is president? Like practically all Trumps, the meaning of “ethical” leaves her clueless.

Like practically all Trumps, she has hired at least one lawyer. The Washington post lists just a few of these legal eagles. “… Those retained by the parties involved include Kasowitz, Bowe and Jay Sekulow for Trump; Jamie S. Gorelick and Abbe Lowell for Kushner; and Alan Futerfas for Trump Jr. …

Any idea who is going to foot the legal bills? Not the so-called billionaire families. Wise up – these are very much into freebies.

A few friends have come up with a solution. The Republican National Committee is to foot all legal bills. Though it is balking at this glorious prospect.

Meanwhile, Trump went off to Paris to collect some badly needed kudos. His visit did not happen without demonstrations. The French were totally focused on their Quatorze Juillet celebrations, so failed to ensure the Trumps got stuck in a hotel or embassy. Instead, Americans in Paris staged a protest.

As media reported, Trump invited himself over to Paris. In need of world-wide approval, he is now big, huge, mega friends with the Macrons. He and President Macron “will seek to work together on Syria.” Fortunately, the French are crafty and clever diplomats.

It remains to be seen how this latest Trump joint venture will benefit the Syrian people – all of them. Not, one presumes. What with Assad’s record on human rights including the use of chemical weapons, suppression, torture, executions – the lot.

The joint venture may crash. After all, that is what happened to the other Trump venture. The one called something like Joint Cyber-crime Unit.

Diplomatic US political reactions rang something like “we may as well put our election ballot boxes in” Vladivostok and a cyber “pact with Putin is like a Chemical Weapons Unit with Assad”.

Allowing Assad to remain in power is horrid. This latest Trump joint venture should crash, tank, disappear into a sink hole. Just like the Russian Cyber Unit,  Replacement Healthcare Bill, Bad Travel-Ban, and nearly everything thought up by the Trump admin.

This toxic administration should be disbanded and declared illegal. It is rotten through and through, does not serve its people, does not make the world a better place.

Donald junior did not “research into the opposition”. It was called collusion with an ennemy state. The Trumps have far too many Russian ties and promote Russian interests which includes this Syrian “solution”.

Washington Post: tensions within Trump’s legal team
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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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