Opaque; and the facts of life

So Donald Trump junior is transparent? Now that’s news. Maybe Kellyanne the Con can spell out opaque to the president? Maybe Conway can use a flip-over and a few flash cards to teach Trump the difference between opaque, transparent, opaqueness, transparency?

By now, the pea-soup surrounding the meeting – or even meetings – between members of Team Trump has lifted a wee bit.

So far, the result is beyond expectations. For the published mails mention a security clearance is needed for at least two people traveling from Russia to the Trump Tower meeting. Apart from the Russian government or non-government lawyer, there is at least one other person going.

In fact, it has become clear there may have been ten or more people at that meeting. Folks were running in and out.

Furthermore, the importance, topics and duration keep altering. Though “research into the opposition” was its main topic, other topics seem to have included lobbying, adoption, likely more.

Yet despite the list of topics, its duration  was “not that long”. Obviously, with Kushner’s lawyers stating he left after a mere ten minutes (really?), all the known and yet-to-be-revealed topics, were discussed in say, eleven minutes?

Really guys? Honestly? Within less than ten minutes, the Russian(s) and Americans present, including at least an interpreter, had decided there was no “dirt”, no “adoption”, no “lobbying”?

Forgot: they don’t do honesty and transparency, unless they have no other option left. Just as well, Trump buddies want the GOP and its Republican National Committee to pay the legal fees, costs, bills. Well, media have published articles the Kushners are in dept – but the Trumps?

Okay, for as long as it lasts, Americans and the rest of the world must believe this “casual” meeting lasted about eleven minutes. Because Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and top advisor and possessor of some top security clearance, is claimed to have left after about ten minutes.

Nevertheless, this meeting was attended by: Paul Manafort, Donald junior, Jared Kushner, two or more Russians one being or not being a government lawyer, the other some lobbyist, an interpreter and way more folks than first claimed. A truly “much ado about nothing” meeting – over in slightly more than ten minutes?

Something else: how did Natalia Veselnitskaya enter the USA?

The Daily Beast reported she was denied a U.S. visa in 2015. She then asked federal prosecutors for permission to enter the country on behalf of some Manhattan client. U.S. prosecutors granted Veselnitskaya temporary “immigration parole”. That temporary parole expired in January 2016. Yet she entered the country in June 2016.

She and whoever came with her, apparently used Vnukovo International, Sheremetyevo International, or perhaps Moscow Domodedovo airport – according to the mail-exchange. Did they use an ordinary flight, or perhaps a private one? And where did they land: at JFK, at LaGuardia, elsewhere?

Presuming she was still persona non grata, was she able to obtain a valid visa at short notice? Like an ordinary tourist visa? Issued where?

It is all rather opaque at the moment.

This journey was arranged at short notice. So how did she and any companion(s) return? They did not have to pass any border checkpoints in nor out? Contrary to ordinary travelers, she did not have to show a passport, visa, documentation?

With this story spinning, CNN is on during breakfast and dinner.  Not necessarily because of excellent coverage. No, it’s on for a double daily doses of fun.

So this morning, the breakfast table erupted again. Coffee spilled on the left, marmalade to the right, Kaiser Brötchens and Croissants jumped up; eggs, tomatoes, bacon and sausages landed on the floor. The orange juice merely splashed across the by now one-hundred-percent pretty, plastic table cover.

Some bright-light was interviewing an intellectual university prof. Need one ask: about Russia investigations and meetings at the Trump Tower.

The university item was serious. He concluded the chaos was due to there being nobody in the White House to “explain the facts of life to this president!

Hoots erupted. Everybody knows this president and his admin falsely claim not to be au savant regarding politics, laws, ethics, policies and all that. But with ex-wives, a current one, kids and a string of grand-kids, this potus certainly knows about the facts of life!




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Multilingual arts & culture journalist, blogger, columnist, writer and translator. Contributor to international (news) media. 2014 winning columnist Gentse Schrijversdagen, Gand, Belgium.
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