Not enough to do about much

“Much ado about nought” is dished out time and again by the White House. This time about the finally disclosed extra meeting between Putin and Trump. Guess what? Not enough is made of this meeting the president did not tweet about, did not brag about – simply “forgot to mention”.

Not enough is made of the fact he – like so many of his family and administration – “forgot” and omitted the meeting. Not enough is made of the fact a president of the USA actually met with the president who is the USA’s foe – without any other American present. Yet Putin had at least one witness in: he had his “own interpreter” there.

A meeting which Washington Post journalists stated “… lasted as long as an hour, came after an official one that had been made public. … we’ll probably never really know what was said. The question then is why: Why did Trump see fit to do something that may look so suspicious and raise even more concerns about his relationship with Russia? And why did he and/or the White House not disclose it? … given the Russian government’s and Trump’s track records, it’s not like we’re going to get a straight answer on what they talked about.”

Washington Post’s Aaron Blake comes up with a few theories, but frankly: theories are not the point. As he and many others know: this president, his family, his administration are already suspect. This president, his family, some in his administration are actually under investigation. An investigation this president tried and continues to try to derail.

This president keeps increasing his “board” of lawyers to protect himself and his family. This president is actively seeking donations for “future reelection”, but uses the donations to pay his legal team and legal advisors.

Meanwhile, Putin may still be fuming about backing and helping Trump to power after Trump likely ensured he get the US sanctions lifted. At least, for the time being, Putin got what he wanted: his New York and Maryland spy-compounds will be handed back by his puppet called Trump.

The US media, voters, GOP simply seem unable to open their eyes to what is really going on. Russia has turned the USA into its umpteenth colony.

As this president, his family, his administration are apparently not going to be removed from power, the Republicans should attempt to control him.

Or is the GOP like their leader in charge of their country, willing to collude and abet and support Russia? Are Republicans eager to go down history as backing, enabling, propping up a suspected “kompromat”, suspected traitor, or someone who might proof to be worse than a simple “suspect”?

Independent: Trump to hand back
Washington Post: Why did Trump meet
Guardian: Six ways Trump is dismantling the US


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