Proud and willing to sabotage health care

So it is official. This American president is proud and totally willing to sabotage his people’s health care. Victims be damned.Anybody be damned; but those able to afford to pay for care.

It simply beggars belief when one hears about some things going on in what is supposed to be a fairly western, wealthy country. A country once deemed great, setting examples, rightly leading the free and affluent West.

Yet this week, its president stated he is going to sabotage his people’s health care bill. His administration is threatening to stop subsidies and is already managing to destabilize health insurance marketplaces.

The reason for this president and his administration’s war – against many of his people? The Republicans had nearly eight years to come up with something better than the current Affordable Care Act.

The best they managed this week was yet another collapse of what the Republicans deemed a decent care act.

The Senate’s health care bill, stripping over 22 million Americans of their health care insurance and worse, did not survive Monday.

Mr. McConnell’s alternative to repeal most of the current ACA – which would also leave a whopping number of Americans without health insurance, fortunately also did not survive.

Take Ohio: local media reported a repeal of Obama Care (the unofficial name for the ACA) would leave 230,000 Iowans without health coverage in 2019. That is the number for just one single state.
How is that for a big, huge, mega Trump-collapse? Not that such numbers get mentioned by Trump or the GOP.

While the chaos created by Trump, his administration, and the GOP is kind of settling, the New York Times editorial board tries to take an optimistic look at a possible solution. Its rummaging on Republicans and Democrats working together using as starting point a humane approach sounds unlikely.
Its hope and ideas for a win-win-solution and future in which the last nineteen states will expand Medicaid under the ACA? Sure, a win-win solution which might be possible – only not with this government, not with this Congress, not with this president nor vice-president, not with this GOP and Trump-hawkers.

Trump’s presidency, government, administration and even the Republican party? They share one simple common denominator: an inability to think of anything but their own interests. They are simply incapable of thinking about what might benefit their country, what might help all its people.

New York Times: The Trumpcare Bonfire
Guardian: Six ways Trump is dismantling the US


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